Classroom Assistant Cover Letter

In order to persuade the employer enough to review your resume, you have to work hard to write an influencing cover letter. Show how you can be their best choice for this position describing your strengths supporting with examples from education, previous jobs or internships. Also include any related achievements and show your interest in getting an interview call in the last paragraph. 

Classroom Assistant Cover Letter Example
Gary Jackman
3456 NW Street
Doral, FL 33198

Nov 8, 2012

Ms. Eve John
Hiring Manager
Waterford School
501 N. Cass Lake Road
Waterford, MI 48328

Dear Ms. John:

I am very interested in the classroom assistant position vacant at the Waterford School’s Burt Elementary. I found out about the position from a note posted on my university noticeboard. Considering my previous teaching experience I find myself totally suitable for this position. That is why I am enclosing my resume for your review with this application letter.

I am a first year student of English Literature at the Florida Literature University. As I am giving my second semester’s final exams at the moment and will be on a 3 month vacation from next week, I really want to get my hands on a good part time job instead of relaxing the time off. For this reason I find your advertisement a great opportunity to polish my inborn talent to manage childcare activities in a positive environment.

As mentioned in my resume, I worked as a part time daycare teacher for a year at Milestone Child Care Center (MCCC) in New York while studying for associate program in Child Care. My friendly personality enables me to better understand the needs of young elementary children. As I had to shift to Florida for further studies, I had to leave the job which was a very touching moment for me because of the strong attachment with the children and the co-teachers.

Moreover, I achieved an appreciation certificate due to my diligence in taking responsibility of work which included lesson planning, conducting parent teacher meetings for discussion of child progress, documenting report and managing other activities as well as taking care of kids without compromising on quality of work.

I want to contribute my skills to Waterford School utilizing combination of my previous work experience and academic background. Due to my enthusiasm, I’d like to meet you in person soon in an interview, for which, I will call your office after two weeks. In the interim, you can contact me at (020) 910-1112 any time for more details. Thank you for your time.


Gary Jackman