Restaurant Cashier Cover Letter Sample

There is no one proper way of writing a restaurant cashier cover letter. However, there are a million things that are absolute NOs when it comes to cover letter writing. How does one keep up? Unfortunately, one cannot really keep up as there is so much to read and understand about this very important step in the job application process.

So what does one do? Well, the best thing is to keep in mind that you will be judged on two things – how you format your cover letter and how well-placed your content is. Both these things will factor in when a hiring manager reads your cover letter. Even how much space that you put between words and sentences makes a difference in how your cover letter is perceived by an employer. So if you put your words and sentences too close to each other, you are risking the employer putting your cover letter back where he found it. The readability of a cover letter makes a huge case for it when it is being decided if an applicant is worth an interview.

Similarly, the content that you place in your resume has a high impact on the person reading it. If you write relevantly, you increase your chances of employment. It is as simple as that! So here is a cover letter sample that should give you a head start:

Restaurant Cashier Cover Letter Sample

521 North Ave # 89
New Orleans, LA 20100

June 21, 2016

Mr. Walter Welsh
Hiring Manager
Odawa Food Factory
36 Dana Street
New Orleans, LA 88952

Dear Mr. Welsh:

My past employers highly appreciated my ability to handle both the cashiering and order taking ends of their food service. As an experienced cashier, I am well-aware of all that there is to know about handling popular POS systems, balancing cash registers and managing cash discrepancies by prioritizing them immediately.

Here are some of the qualifications that I offer if hired in a cashier role at Odawa Food Factory:

·         First-hand experience in operating complex POS systems, with special focus on accuracy and efficiency.
·         Highly skilled in taking and recording orders by ensuring exceptional customer services, resulting in constant customer satisfaction.
·         Qualified to take and prepare orders and indulge in upselling activities, aimed at increasing revenue.

Recently, I was responsible for quickly determining a huge discrepancy in the cash register allotted to me for the week, resulting in saving the restaurant a loss worth $2900 in one day! My exceptional conscientiousness and the ability to handle customer complaints appropriately, along with great skills in managing popular POS systems, make me an excellent contender for a cashier position at your restaurant. To provide more insight into my suitability for the job, I will contact you so that a meeting time can be arranged. Until then, please feel free to contact me at (222) 222-2222.


Emma Grove

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Bank Teller Job Description for Resume

Job descriptions are equally important for the employers and candidates. They are significant for the employer since they allow them to express their expectation of the ideal candidate for the bank teller job. On the other hand, job descriptions are helpful for the candidates as they serve to give an idea about what the employer is seeking and thus facilitating the process of effective resume building.

It is okay if you do not possess all the required qualifications for the job. Be honest while building your resume and make sure that you optimize the relevant experience. This is where going through bank teller job descriptions is going to help you.

To build a winning resume for the same, you can form you qualification statements in light of the following duties.

Bank Teller Job Description for Resume

  • Process customer transactions efficiently and accurately as per bank policy
  • Meet customers through referrals and teammates demonstrating core banking values to facilitate them
  • Carry out check cashing, withdrawals and deposits as per customer request
  • Count cash, balance cash drawers and assist customers by providing basic product and services information
  • Assist in exceeding service standards by minimizing customer’s wait time and enhancing transactional accuracy
  • Identify, recognize and utilize referral opportunities
  • Resolve any problems related to transactional errors
  • Accept loan payments and safe deposit box payments, process gift cards, verify currency and rectify any discrepancy in the cash drawer
  • Balance automated teller machines (ATMs), Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs) and Teller cash recyclers as required
  • Comply fully with safe deposit guidelines and procedures
  • Process and balance cash and non cash transactions on daily basis
  • Maintain an up to date knowledge of banking products, financial services and technology
  • Handle bank operations and procedures proficiently
  • Educate clients regarding bank products and financial services
  • Facilitate customers at the drive through window
  • Assist customers in filling out deposit and withdrawal slips
  • Exchange foreign currency after verification and record all transactions as per bank procedures
  • Provide high quality, accurate paying and receiving transaction services to incoming clients
  • Respond to customer inquiries while adhering to disclosure requirements and consumer privacy policies
  • Balance cash items, teller’s report, traveler’s checks and bonds at day end

Statistician Cover Letter Sample

In today’s world, effective cover letters for statistician position are assertive, versatile and dynamic. Only a cover letter that speaks to the employer succeeds these days. The question then arises, how to make your cover letter speak to the employer? We offer a response to this query.

Self Promotion: Gone are the days when candidates furnished their resumes with meek, humble applications for being hired. The era belongs to outspoken and confident letters, where the candidate uses them as a tool to sell job relevant competencies.

Be Unique: Sublimation is a virtue when it comes to the job market. Be unique and get noticed! Start your letter in an interesting manner and hook the reader.

Employer centered: Convince the employer that you know their needs and are well capable of fulfilling the same. However it’s important to be genuine. Do not claim any qualification you do not possess.

Statistician Cover Letter Sample

February 5, 2015

Mr. George Timothy
HR Manager
North Carolina University
844 Clark Way
Stanford, CA 32000

Dear Mr. Timothy:

After working for 6 years as a statistician with NYU I completely understand inner workings and data analytical requirements of an established university and could prove to be a valuable asset at NCU.

Some highlights of my expertise:

• Skilled in limitation data analysis in terms of reliability and resolving issues pertaining to methodology
• Demonstrated ability to analyze plans and identify appropriate statistical methods
• Special talent for calculating statistical power of given models proposed in grant applications and organizing the data into figures and tables
• Able to provide statistical consultation and carrying out program reviewing
• Proficient in quality assurance and control software including MS Access, SAS and SQL

In addition to being technically sound, I have been making accurate future predictions regarding regression trends based on probability studies, a strength that has always been highly commended and would benefit NCU in many ways. I believe the above mentioned competencies coupled with my exceptional written and verbal communication skills place me in the lime light for consideration. My resume is enclosed for your view.

I look forward to seeing you in an interview. My digits are on the top of the page. I shall be glad to answer any queries you may have regarding my qualifications.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Adam Carl
(006) 777-5555

Attached: resume