Caregiver Cover Letter for Resume

Impress the employer with your cover letter for caregiver so that s/he is curious to review your resume. Write about what you can contribute to them, instead of explaining how the caregiver hiring employer/organization will benefit you. Be ready with examples to support your success claims. Keep your cover letter to one page, specific and error free. 


Caregiver Cover Letter Sample

601 BG Loop, 70 West
Columbia, MO 65203

Feb 22, 2013

Ms. Stacy Lionel
Hiring Manager
The MENTOR Network – California MENTOR Northern Regional Office
7801 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95826

Dear Ms. Lionel:

Pleased to know about the job opening of ‘Caregiver- Teen's Program (Job Number: 110001I9)’, I am writing to apply for this position at The MENTOR Network located at Las Vegas. I want to take this opportunity and work with your human services providing network making a difference every day by delivering life enhancing quality services to individuals in need so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

Empathy and compassion for others, being the essence of my personality, made me opt for a career in caregiving about four years ago. I have experience of working on positions with almost the similar job description as yours. Being able to manage and deal with individuals of various different disabilities and understanding that every individual requires separate attention with distinctively varying needs, I have learned to professionally carry out my responsibilities. Remarkably monitoring residents/individuals/patients for changes in condition and reporting in time to the respective management, I can also outstandingly perform First Aid duties initiating emergency response procedures whenever required.

Keeping the assigned area clean and tidy is one of the most important tasks of my profession for which I have gained enormous hands-on experience. I can steadily assist cleanliness being highly skilled in changing bed linens, washing and ironing laundry, maintaining closets and dresser drawers – in short: complete house-keeping. Moreover, I can also take good care of individuals’ nutrition needs and provide appropriate meals including provision of controlled-diet plans. 

Being eager to learn more in this field and complementing your organization with my passion in caregiving and relevant experience, I hope to be a part of your team bringing excellence at work. Please consider my application and do call me for an interview at your convenience. I will contact you in three days for confirmation while you can reach me at (211) 910-1112 any time for more details. Thanks a lot for your time.


(Ink Signature)
Maggie Arnold


Housekeeper Resume Example

On a basic level a housekeeper is confined to the duties of general cleaning and upkeeping of rooms but to meet the desired standards s/he should perform not only the typical daily housekeeping and recycling removal duties but also, disinfecting fixtures, restocking supplies and maintaining strict confidentiality of all resident information.

If you are seeking a position of housekeeper, you need a compelling resume and cover letter for housekeeping job. Look at the following resume before starting your job application process.

Sample Resume for Housekeeper Position

1614 Park View, Englewood, CO 7234 | (034) 908 – 0756 | jon @ email . com

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a Housekeeper position with a well reputed company. Adept at perfoming cleanliness and maintenance tasks in accordance with the requisite standards of excellence, welfare and care.

• Highly skilled in dusting and cleaning all assigned areas following specific care instructions
• Extraordinarily vigilant in cleaning all surface areas, changing and replacing soiled linen and removing all trash and debris
• Broad knowledge of maintaining proper cleaning techniques
• Capable of polishing interior and exterior of room furniture as well as cleaning all mirrors, glass tops and interior windows

• Hands-on experience in replacing light bulbs when needed and reporting any non-functioning fixtures, electrical outlets and damage
• Track record of restocking all amenities including: robes, brochures and bathroom amenities
• Proven record of opening, dusting and cleaning all drapes
• More than six years of experience in cleaning all bathroom surface areas, sinks, tubs and toilets
• Proficient enough in pushing, pulling, lifting and moving heavy objects on frequent basis

• Followed all infection control practices including standard precautions and isolation precautions
• Completed work assignments in a timely manner
• Reported safety hazards which saved $50000
• Participated in performance improvement activities, attending at least 6 staff meetings annually

09/2006 — 09/2012
Rehabilitation Institute of Texas – Azle, TX
Housekeeper PRN
• Cleaned and disinfected all patient and non-patient areas, discharge units and all types of isolation
• Gathered and disposed trash and waste materials
• Wet mopped rooms, stairways and public areas
• Cleaned vents, fans and other equipment using vacuuming machine
• Performed terminal cleaning procedures of patient rooms
• Replenished and replaced consumable items as necessary

Kent State High School – Kent State, OH, 2008
High School Diploma

Factory Worker Job Description for Resume

The job description for Factory Workers varies and depends on the nature of work/production being carried out. Following is a list of possible job description (responsibilities/duties/qualifications) that a general factory worker might have performed/learned during his/her work experience as a factory worker:

Factory Worker Job Description

• Performed routine equipment setup verifying proper operation of factory machines within acceptable standards

• Assisted stacking operations in all phases of material handling like door and mobile equipment operations

Loaded/Unloaded products into out/inbound (both client and company) vehicles

Participated in nursery product maintenance including production, spacing, pruning, etc.

Efficiently worked in operations of track mobile, screen plants, unload conveyors, radial stacker and skid steer

Operated factory equipment and machinery (heavy/light) according to company instructions and standard defined procedures

Drove, operated and maintained proper functioning of factory vehicles like the scissor-lift trucks

Maintained all Department Of Transportation and vehicle inspection logs/records

Ensured safe and efficient operations of a variety of tasks in the manufacturing of xyz products inspecting quality in all phases

Inspected finished products for defects, off-cuts and foreign material discarding defected products to ensure safety and quality requirements responsibly

Communicated suspected problems or changes in production/ quality to the in-charge person

Sorted out finished products

Completed assigned work efficiently involving repetitive motion and operation of vibrating tools

Occasionally worked overtime and on rotating shifts to meet deadlines and high work load demands

Lifted and carried heavy weight 50 to 100 pounds

Walked and stood on foot continuously for very long periods of time during work

Performed work duties in difficult conditions having exposure to dust, sparks, smoke, oil, loud noise, extreme temperatures (40 to 140 degrees), chemical odor, etc.

Assisted factory grounds-keeping with all site clean-up and maintenance

Participated in every annual departmental job specific training as well as official informational meetings

• Applied skills diligently at work such as:
­            -  Reading and Writing
­            -  Strong mental mathematics and computer literacy
­            -  Strong interpersonal and decision making skills
­            -  Ability to work alone as well as within a teams

Call Centre Resume Sample - Customer Service Representative

A Call Centre’s Customer Service Representative’s not only performs excellent customer service duties by responding to inquiries by phone, but also a combination of semi-routine support to customers. This position also instantaneously operates across a broad range of businesses by providing superior customer service and satisfaction.

Follow the sample below to design your own customized resume sample:

Call Centre Resume Sample

7649 Central Peak - Phoenix, AZ 4890
(462) 733 – 7657, Email

To acquire a challenging position of Customer Service Representative-II at XYZ Company, offering ability to pleasantly and effectively answer and screen telephone/email inquiries from customers.

·   Highly experienced in accurately recognizing and routing calls related to:
o Suspected fraud
o Calls better suited for the Financial Institution or Client
o Disabled profiles
o Inquiries to be referred to other specific departments
·   Capable of proactively adhering to company and department procedures and policies
·   Substantial knowledge of using tools and resources available to efficiently solve problems and answering questions as they relate to login credentials and bill payment support for biller clients
·   Track record of making outbound phone calls to end-users to ensure timely resolution of open issues
·   Can effectively provide accurate solutions to a wide range of customer problems including: login credential issues, online banking and bill payment inquiries with minimal supervision
·   Thorough understanding of identifying potential system or process-related issues and escalating appropriately
·   Proven record of tracking customer inquiries using online tracking systems
·   Working knowledge of several software packages related to Call Centre Operations including enterprise software, database management and MS Office

·   Exceedingly skilled in answering customer inquiries in a friendly manner
·   Emotionally intelligent in terms of empathetically understanding and predicting customer behavior and handling them accordingly
·   Exceptionally vigilant in identifying add-on products and services available to end-users while making suggestions to customers
·   Able to remain calm, maintain pleasant voice tone and use appropriate professional language especially dealing with impatient/short-tempered and problematic customers/clients
·   Writing and speaking fluency in English, French and Spanish

·   Gained a wide range of business entity knowledge in a unbelievably short span of time as a result got ‘Employee Discounts’
·   Utilized computer and telephony technologies in  Coordinated Health Call Center and trained three newly joined employees
·   One of the top performers at State Corporation Commission Call Centre in 2011 and 2012

Jul 2009 — Feb 2013         
State Corporation Commission – Pomona, CA
Call Centre Help Desk Associate
·         Acted as first level of support for all calls related to point of sale hardware
·         Resolved equipment and software issues
·         Answered questions pertaining to transaction and batch information
·         Gathered necessary information to document
·         Maintained telephone call statistics while adhering to call quality monitoring guidelines

Nov 2005 — May 2009
Coordinated Health – Richmond, VA
Call Center Agent
·         Responded to a large volume of telephone and email inquiries from government agencies, patients, medical reps, state agents, auditors, couriers, etc. in a courteous and professional manner
·         Scheduled appointments
·         Resolved patient issues
·         Handled clinical calls and messages
·         Entered patient demographics into database
·         Processed credit card payments
·         Maintained accurate documentation

NRF Foundation – Washington, DC | 2008
National Professional Certification in Customer Service

Lakewood Senior High School –Lakewood, CO | 2004
High School Diploma