Child Care Worker Cover Letter Example

A Child Care Worker resume or job application should never be sent without a suitable cover letter on the top of it. Cover letter for Child Care Worker position reflects your professionalism as well as indicates your interest towards the requirements of the employer, the company profile and services they provide.

A child care worker must be a person who is good with children, understand their needs and realize the importance of positive reinforcement. This aspect of one’s personality should be reflected through the cover letter.

Child Care Worker Cover Letter Sample

23 Quaker Ridge Rd.
Bethel, CT 06801
July 29, 2012

Mr. John Baker
Senior manager
Gardeners Day Care
16 Safe Harbor
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Dear Mr. Baker:

Referring to your advertisement in USA Today regarding the job opening for a Child Care Worker, I proclaim myself a very suitable candidate for this position. After completing my high school Diploma, I have worked as Child care worker for 5 years. My experience combined with my enthusiasm will make me a real asset for Gardeners Day Care.

As noted on my resume, I can very competently supervise children with age appropriate play, eating habits, table manners, resting, socializing and hygiene. I believe in making children develop a sense of self discipline by positive reinforcement. In a place like school, a day care or a residential facility for youth we can educate them and teach them values of life as well as build up their self confidence. I am also good in maintaining daily record, weekly and monthly reports, and providing first aid if needed.

I would like to discuss how my qualification, skills and attitude will be suitable for child care work at Gardeners Day Care. Kindly inform me when I can come to see you at your office.  I will call your office after one week to confirm the receipt of this application. However, if you have any question in the interim, please do contact me at 999-999-9999 or send me an email at (Email).

Thank you for your time.


 Anna Parker

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Personal Care Aide Cover Letter Sample

Writing a cover letter for Personal Care Aide Resume or job application often seems a difficult task. But, if you take one thing at a time you will see that it is not only easy to write but fun too. An effective cover letter for Care Aide job will explain the reason for your interest in a particular position and identify your best skills thereby providing an employer with an insight of what you can do.

Look at the following template in order to see a bigger picture.

Personal Care Aide Cover Letter Example

99 Ridge Road                                                       
Dow City, IA 43444

July 26, 2012

Ms. Jean Donald
Hiring Manager
The San
54 Maple Street
Dow City, IA 62555

Dear Ms. Donald:

I am interested in working as a Care Aide with The San as advertised in the Daily Republic. My PCA Certification and compassionate nature combined with my enthusiasm to pursue my career in human services make me the ideal candidate for this position.

I am a compassionate and efficient worker with over nine years of extensive experience in assisting ADLs and making life easy for people who have trouble leading normal lives due to age factor or health issues. I have had some experience in monitoring vital signs and managing medication along with ambulation and personal hygiene assistance. My PCA Certification has enabled me to understand and carry out procedures to control aggressive and disruptive behavior. I am quite well versed with the need to interact with my charge on a physical and mental level as this is therapy in itself. I have also acquired proficiency in performing housekeeping duties like sweeping, mopping spills, disinfecting and making beds.

I would like to be considered for this position as I am confident that my dexterity and hard work is sufficient to be able to do justice to this position and I am available to join immediately. Please call me on my cell at 999-999-9999 if you need additional information from my side. I’ll follow-up on this letter in a few days in the anticipation of securing a meeting with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Alishba Derek

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Dental Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Why a job application for Dental Receptionist position must always be sent with an eye-catching cover letter on the top? In a resume, you have specified sections to mention your relevant abilities, skills and experiences; If you utilize that space properly you’ll successfully interpret yourself within the resume. But, there is a very important side of your personality that you cannot reflect in a resume, which is your communication skills, way of correspondence and addressing people. For this reason a cover letter for Dental Receptionist Resume is the vital part of your job application.

When you write a cover letter for a Dental Receptionist job application, you must keep a few important points in your mind:
·         Always mention how you came to know about the vacancy
·         Mention how you are a suitable candidate and how can you contribute to the bottom-line of the company
·         Ask for an appointment
·         Be clear about your contact details

The following example will guide you how to write a cover letter for dental receptionist resume.

Dental Receptionist Cover Letter Example

88 Moreland Drive
Renton, WA 87993
July 23, 2012

Ms. Suzan Elvis
Senior Manager,
Smiles Dental
320 Euston Road
Renton, WA 87754

Dear Ms. Elvis:

I am extremely interested in a Dental Receptionist position at Smiles Dental. I believe my qualifications and experience makes me a very suitable candidate for this position. More importantly, I have the passion and drive to make a difference in the customer service traditions of Smiles Dental.

As noted on my resume, I possess a vast experience in; public dealing, keeping a flow of a front desk office, record keeping, schedule meeting, and telephonic correspondence, which makes me worthy for the Dental Receptionist position.

In the seven years of my professional career as a receptionist, I have gained expertise in all aspects of performing secretarial tasks, public dealing and customer coordination such as:
·         Receiving customers and helping them contacting the required personnel
·         Maintaining record of clients
·         Making calls and arranging meetings
·         File keeping
·         Follow-ups
·         Collecting data and making analytical reports using software like MS Visio, Excel and Power Point.

I am eager to build upon my qualifications and past experiences at the Smiles Dental in a capacity of Dental Receptionist that would allow me to put into action my clerical and customer care skills as well as my enthusiasm for the position. I look forward to talk regarding my qualifications with you in greater depth. I can be reached at the phone numbers given on my resume. Thank you for your time.


Samantha Walter

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Barber Cover Letter Sample

While writing a cover letter for barber resume, it is important to state where you learned about the barber position. Do not be shy to mention a name within the company that you may know - this will establish some sort of trust in the employer’s mind and he is sure to look at your barber job application more favorably.

Barber Cover Letter Example                               

3654 Giant Springs Road
Great Falls, MT 33333
July 20, 2012

Ms. Cory Smith
Senior Manager
J&S Cuts and Styles
998 34th Street
Great Falls, MT 55343

Dear Ms. Smith:

I have been looking for a position as a Barber with J&S Cuts and Styles for over a year now and would like to take advantage of the opportunity that you have advertised in GQ Magazine. As an experienced barber with an open enough mind to learn new trends constantly, I believe that I can make a significant contribution to your shop.

I have worked as a barber in three salons over a ten year period and have acquired considerable skills that deem me a professional in this regard. I am familiar with all types of hair styles including buzz cuts, flat top cuts, full shaved bald cuts and other tight haircuts along with performing various salon services like shaving, shampooing and massaging. Since I have had professional barber training from XYL Style Institute in Denver, I am proficient in determining hair and skin problems and devising appropriate treatments. Since this is a customer oriented job, I take pride in my ability to listen to customers while they are on the chair and make it a point not to discriminate between ethnicity and gender.

My resume is attached herein and will provide you with an extensive list of other services that I have had experience providing to customers. Should you need any further information regarding my credentials, I will be available at 888-999-9999. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Arnold P. Remington

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Nanny Cover Letter Example

Writing a nanny cover letter that depicts your skills of child care will work magnificently. While an employer want to know what relevant skills set you possess, s/he also needs to know how you intend to use those skills for the employer’s benefit. A cover letter for nanny resume will more workable which not only shows your skills but also exhibits that how these skills can be used to develop children and create a healthy environment.

Look at the following sample cover letter for a nanny job which will guide you in the rest of your job application procedure.

Nanny Cover Letter Example
Dina Boston
32 Meadow Some Drive
Ossining, NY 52901
July 16th, 2012

Ms. Felicity Ishmael
30 Template Road
Ossining, NY 76335

Dear Mrs. Ishmael:

This letter is an expression of interest in the position of a Nanny that you have advertised on As a reliable, calm, confident and organized individual with over 10 years of experience as a nanny in part-time, full-time and live-in capacities, I have the ability to become an integral part of your family. The children that I was looking after in my last place of employment have just started school and my employment has come to an end which is why I am looking for a similar post.

I appreciate the fact that anyone on this position needs to have a certain type of personality which makes them successful in looking after children. I can boast of just such a personality as I possess a fun loving and nurturing nature. Since I have worked in this capacity for such a long time, I am highly skilled in utilizing techniques that are required in order to maintain children discipline and routines. In my previous place of work I was responsible for not just looking after children but providing help with lessons, managing meals for them, picking them up from school and entertain them until the parents returned from work in the evening.

I am confident that I am a reasonable choice for this Nanny position. You may check my references (enclosed) in order to support my claims of diligence and responsibility. I will call you in a few days to follow-up on this application. Thank you for your time and consideration in this regard.  


Dina Boston

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Babysitter Cover Letter Example

A cover letter for Babysitter Resume or CV is supposed to be a concise document; summing up a candidate’s relevant experience, qualifications and skills. Long and arduous cover letters do not bring good results but tend to hold over employers - as readers really do not have enough time to spend on every job application.

The following cover letter for babysitting position is written by professionals – in order to help you in your job application process.

Babysitter Cover Letter Sample                           

Emma Hurst
19 Braley Road
Hebron, NH 542881
July 20, 2012

Ms. Diane York
23 Keene Road
Hebron, NH 16552

Dear Ms. York:

I am writing in response to your advertisement for a position of Babysitter, as advertised on My natural love for children and responsible attitude is what deems me as a suitable candidate for this job. Moreover, I have done a number of babysitting jobs previously, consequently, developed an excellent expertise in taking care of children of all ages.

As you need a babysitter who take care of your children both physically and emotionally. My proficiency in understating the physical and emotional needs of children of all ages exactly complements with your requirements. Additionally, I am well versed in looking after a child’s nutrition needs and developing both intellectually and physically. Having worked for most parents with little children in the vicinity, I have obtained hands-on experience in managing different behaviors of children.

Furthermore, I am highly skilled in changing diapers and  bathe children when required. My proficiency in cooking food and running errands will be a real asset for your family. Besides, I am non-smoker, own a valid driving license and a reliable vehicle, and CPR and First Aid Certified. Please refer to the enclosed resume which contains further details about my qualifications and skills.

With exceptional child care skills, I would like to meet you in person in order to discuss this babysitting position in detail. Please feel free to contact me at (999) 999-0000 if you need any additional information that might support my claims here. Additionally, I will call you after one week to find the likelihood of an interview at the of your convenience. 

Thank you for you time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Emma Hurst

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Care Assistant Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for Care Assistant position is simply a single page document that tells an employer why you are applying for this position and what makes you an appropriate candidate for it. While it is alright to go through a Care Assistant Cover Letter Sample to take ideas on what to write, we discourage the use of templates as they can put off employers.

Care Assistant Cover Letter Example                  

65 Woolley Road
Maidstone, ME14 5PY

July 18, 2012

Mr. Jason Andrew
Hiring Manager
AAA Care Facility
55 Roseacre Lane
Maidstone, ME33 6GH

Dear Mr. Andrew:

As you review my resume you will find my experience is commensurate with the position of a Care Assistant that is currently available at the AAA Care Facility. I would like to offer my services for this position as I believe that only a candidate with genuine passion to help people, who have trouble leading a normal life, can do justice to it.

I have been working at the Maidstone Sanatorium as a Care Assistant for over seven years and understand the demands of this job completely. Having worked in this capacity for such a long time I am familiar with all the duties that are part of a Care Assistance’s job, including: assisting residents with activities of daily living, and providing both physical and emotional support and transporting them to appointments and activities outside the facility. 

Furthermore, I am extremely skilled in answering questions related to services, providing dining services for residents and providing housekeeping servvices. My natural demeanour and personality have helped me achieve my goals perfectly in the past and I believe that I have the capacity to multitask without compromising my work or the safety of the residents.

My resume is enclosed with this letter and will provide you with more details on what I have to offer. I would genuinely appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and discuss how my expertise and relevant experiences can benefit your facility. I will call your office after 4 working days to schedule a personal interview at your convenience. Meanwhile, if you need to speak to me, please feel free to contact me at (04) 6551-2558.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Abigail Albert

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