Construction Laborer Job Description Sample

The houses you live in, the malls that you shop in and the roads that you drive on are all the efforts of construction laborers. Construction laborers work in companies that build houses, commercial buildings and roads. They are expected to perform physical work and manual labor associated with construction processes. They use their physical dexterity to move materials and equipment around on a job site and are expected to perform many other jobs related to constructing structures.

Construction laborers clean job sites in order to ensure that construction work can commence. They prepare sites by removing debris, trimming trees and shrubs and ensuring that the site is free of any hazardous materials. They also operate forklifts and trucks in order to deliver, load and unload construction materials. Construction workers are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of building materials and equipment and may be expected to operate hand and power tools in order to mix and pour cement or dig trenches.

In order to be able to understand what people working at this position are expected to do, let us review the job duties of a construction laborer.

·         Mop and brush job sites in order to clean them of debris and hazardous materials
·         Break concrete and pavement using a variety of hand tools
·         Position, align, erect and take  temporary and permanent structures
·         Dig trenches and shovel and pour cement
·         Assist in asphalt patching activities
·         Manage material handling and storage activities
·         Operate, load and unload trucks and hoist materials
·         Repair and maintain equipment and machinery
·         Control traffic on road construction sites by placing traffic diversion signs
·         Perform signaling activities to facilitate alignment, movement and adjustment of material and equipment
·         Operate forklifts to move materials from one place to another on job sites
·         Maintain inventory of equipment and tools
·         Create lists of materials, supplies and specialty tools
·         Grind, scrape and polish surfaces and measure and mark distances on the layout of the construction site
·         Assist in installing electrical and plumbing systems
·         Put in floorings and assist with masonry work
·         Tend to generators, pumps and compressors
·         Perform preventative maintenance on all equipment
·         Gather, store and secure tools and equipment at the end of each shift
·         Tidy and secure construction sites

Operations Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Be innovative when writing your cover letter for an operations specialist position! 
You can start the letter mentioning some positive comments from a previous employer that will show the prospect recruiter that you are a valuable applicant. Also praise the recruiting company! This is very important as employers like to work with people who like them and already have an admiration for the company. It shows your commitment! Follow the sample below to write your own attention grabbing cover letter:


9606 Sport Hills Robins AFB, GA 0405  
(090) 430 – 090988 - mike232 @

Mr. Alberto Gallo
Recruitment Officer
RBS Citizens Financial Group, Inc.
1511 Pontiac Avenue, BLDG 68-2
Cranston- RI 02920

Dear Mr. Gallo:

“With exceptional management skills, one of our best and most productive employee, highly compassionate, diligent and hardworking, the one who deserves to be truly appreciated for his devotion and commitment to the company, Mike Campbell” – said Mr. Arthur Gray Ryan, the CEO of Sterling Savings Bank, while awarding me with the ‘Employee of the Year’ title, where I worked as an operations officer.

RBS is one of the world's most admired, valuable and stable universal banks and I simply could not ignore the job vacancy for Operations Specialist, which you posted on earlier this evening. What makes me the most suitable candidate for this position is my current relevant working experience in a bank with similar job description as this post at RBS. This means, negligible training costs for you! 

Being spectacularly skilled in identifying regulatory and financial risks, I can provide preemptive support to the bank on audit reviews. Over the two years of my job, I became highly capable of accurately collaborating with seniors in order to improve operational risk management processes. With superb analytical skills and proven ability to take on challenges, I have successfully developed and implemented business processes to improve safety, quality and cost. I have profound ability to organize record, process and service the production output of the various servicing activities for the bank. 

Establishing best practices to monitored exception remediation plans to provide pointed risk training and formalizing a regulatory committee to manage and control short & long term strategic projects, are two of my numerous achievements while working for Sterling Savings Bank. 

I am sure that considering my qualifications and strong set of skills, you will give me a chance to prove my abilities working with RBS. Hoping to meet you in an interview, I have enclosed my resume for your detailed review. You can contact me on the number mentioned on the top. Thanking you in anticipation.


Mike Campbell

Enc. Resume

Retail Coordinator Cover Letter

Remember that any employer you seek for an open vacancy will receive a pile of resumes. What will make your resume stand out is a well written cover letter - which is not boring, plain and regular like those available all over the web. You must not copy it from anywhere and try to present yourself in an attractive manner.

Take the following sample as a template and craft your own influencing cover letter. 

Good Luck!

Retail Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

8301 Right hood
Perrysburg, OH 6433
(643) 874 – 657491 @ gmail . com
May 23, 2013

Ms. Denise May
Recruitment Executive
Nature Bridge Inc.
28- Geary Street, Suite 650
San Francisco, CA 94108

Respected Ms. May:

A person with passionate drive for results, action oriented, focused, providing superior customer service, multi-tasking and having outstandingly record of devising promotional schemes in conjunction with the sellers.

That is what you need, right? Here I am, Maury Comstock – an experienced retail coordinator, fascinated by the way your company has strengthened the role of education and in the lives of our country’s youth through its national parks and environmental field science education, applying for the position of Retail Coordinator (full-time) at your company Nature Bridge Inc. to provide you with a rare combination of my versatile skills to boost up your retail sales.

My resume will provide you with a detailed overview of my career profile listing all my qualifications, skills, education, certifications and working experience so that you can compare it with your needs and feel contented at hiring me. In addition to my present job as a Senior Retail Coordinator, I have also worked as a Merchandise Coordinator and Retail Compliance Coordinator at two leading companies if US. Ensuring properly stocked store inventory and presentable displays to attract customers is a piece of cake of me. Being highly skilled at balancing retail cash registers and receipts, I can widely assist with the reporting and distribution of retail sales reports and also deposit and report revenues.

A few of my greatest achievements are:
·         Introduction of ‘project exhibitions’ for company promotion and to increase traffic to store location
·         Conducting successful consumer research of numerous vertical markets and devising retail policies to ensure maximum profits

Please give my resume a reading and I am sure you will be convinced to interview me for this position and hire me. You can contact me on my cellphone number at any time of your convenience. Looking forward to a positive response, I will be available for an interview anytime this month (May). Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,

Maury Comstock

Enclosure: Resume

Logistics Specialist Cover Letter Sample

On this page you will find a sample for a logistics specialist cover letter. 

You should make the cover letter appealing for the reader by using graphics to highlight the most important noticeable characteristics about yourself without making it unprofessional. 

Notice the placeholder in the cover letter ahead. Also start your cover letter in an attractive way which creates curiosity in the reader’s mind and forces him/her to read further.

Being creative is the key to getting pass your resume and cover letter to and getting you an interview call!

 Logistics Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Karen Davis
Bract Highway - Boston, MA 78583
Residence: 657-764-7432                      Email:

May 19, 2013

Mr. Martin Humphrey
Human Resources Huntsville
Alutiiq Pacific, LLC
360 C Quality Circle, Suite 300
Huntsville AL 35806

 Dear Mr. Humphrey:

“It takes all sorts to make a world” – said Mr. Richard Hobbs your Chief Executive Officer in an interview he gave to the Corporate Times on March 12, 2012 and that is when I started following your company updates on LinkedIn which is where I recently found out about the ‘Senior Logistics Specialist’ opening in your company. I wish to avail this opportunity by working with you at this position and fulfill my yearlong desired aspiration.

Why should you hire me? Here’s the answer:
  •   Remarkable capability of providing logistic functions
  • Hands-on experience in management of recurring development and maintenance of acquisition / sustainment ILS products, provisioning and Planned Maintenance Support (PMS)
  • Certified in Customs and Shipment procedures
  • Responsible, dutiful and dependable
  • Trained in logistics integration while working in multiethnic & multicultural teams
  • Skilled in scheduling equipment replacements / engineering changes implementation efforts

I know that this is precisely what you are looking for and therefore I have attached my resume to prove to you how I have gathered all these skills. Appreciating your consideration of my application, I will follow up with a call so that we can arrange for a meeting. Please feel free to contact me in need of more information.

Standing by:

Karen Davis

Finance Analyst Cover Letter No Experience

If you want to make the most of your cover letter for a Finance Analyst Resume, you should address it to a specific person. You can call the company to find out the name of the person responsible for the hiring to keep the reader’s interest and it will give you a chance to open your cover letter in reference to your conversation to grab the person’s attention.

Below is the perfect example cover letter for an entry level Financial Analyst having no experience in hand.

7442 Crossbow Drive                                                                                  Rocky Hill, CT 7484
(830) 847 – 493085                                                                                   Email            

May 17, 2013

Ms. Jane Watson
Human Resource Manager
Sun America Financial Group
2929 Allen Parkway – AT 35
Houston, TX 77019

Dear Ms. Watson:

Our conversation over the telephone earlier this evening encouraged me to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for the position of Financial Advisor at your company - Sun America Financial Group. My previous university’s placement officer informed me about this opening and my research about SAFG added to my knowledge that it is 2012’s fourth largest life insurance organization in the United States which, to my amazement, is a great achievement considering the on-going economic recession.   

My High Performing Objectives:
·         Building large and high-quality client and asset acquisition through referrals, prospection, seminars and networking
·         Effectively utilizing financial planning tools for a better understanding of client needs and demands
·         Achieve consistently exceeding sales targets
·         Complete adherence of the company compliance standards

Reading thoroughly the job description that you have given for this position on your website, I can confidently present to you my objectives as they coincide with your expectations from the new hire. With two years of experience while working as a Financial Advisor for Comstock – Rockville MD, being incredibly proficient in providing financial planning advice, including educational funding, debt management, retirement planning and estate planning, etc.; successful and proven sales track record, active FINRA Series 7, 63 and 65 license as well as active variable life and health license, I can bring huge benefits to Sun America Financial Group.

Please review my resume where you will find evidence of my quality work experience, detailed list of my qualifications and appropriate skills that I deem to utilize while working as a Financial Advisor in your company. I will follow up with a call within two days for us to arrange a suitable time for an interview. You can reach me on the contact details mentioned in the heading. I will look forward to hear from you soon. Thank you for your interest. 


Adam Lake

Enc. Resume

Logistics Assistant Resume Example

Karen Davis
24 Bract Highway - Boston, MA 78583
Residence: 657-764-7432 | Email: Karen_D @ email . com

Logistics Assistant
PROFILE: 7+ years of experience in working with logistics unit to provide logistical support. Track record of gathering and packaging of equipment and preparing it for shipping as well as preparing shipping documentation needed for any shipment. Remarkable capability of providing logistic functions in absence of Logistics Supervisor, responsibly and dutifully, plus exceedingly trained in integrating and working well within multiethnic and multicultural teams also, tremendously skilled maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of customer and inventory transactions. Plus, solid command over English and Spanish coupled with in depth understanding of Microsoft Office suite with working knowledge of Excel macros and pivot tables. 

 B.S., Outdoor Leadership, University of Gen – 2008
Varco Logistics                                                                  29/09/2013
Maintain records of shipments to meet internal and external auditing requirements and assists with the production of procedural documents and work instruction relevant assists with the production of procedural documents and work instruction relevant to the logistics function.
Assistant Logistics                                                       Houston, TX. 01/12/2013

·         Maintained vehicle fleet maintenance and repair, as well as calendar system of preventative maintenance
·         Liaised with contracted security company and with supply vendors
·         Assisted with timely reporting on stock status, to help Program staff with planning of stock replenishment 
·         Worked and developed understanding of all matters logistic as they pertain to fleet management procedures
·         Ensured that the fleet is asset managed correctly, being driven safely, maintained appropriately and damages are reported
·         Assisted with maintaining accurate filing systems and supported records of actions for audit purposes
·         Ensured that the procurement and disposal of commodities, especially those subject to US Export Compliance regulations, are in line with applicable licenses and are properly documented

Key accomplishments
·         Represented the company/firm in a positive and professional manner to contribute to the creation of a positive image
·         Receive and respond to customer inquiries and sales-related communications
·         Provided customer service by quickly processing sales quotes and purchase orders

Logistics Clerk                                                          Zeeland, MI. 16/07/2009
·         Administered and maintained the acquisition, deployment and supply of stock
·         Organized for the transfer and transport of stock between departments or warehouses, and to and from other companies or organizations
·         Prepared stock for delivery
·         Used relevant information to compile reports that inform production schedules such as  order numbers and inventory

Key Accomplishments
·         Successfully provided price quotes to customers
·         Orderly prepared delivery documents for the driver transporting orders
·         Supported interdepartmental initiatives and requests
·         Supported production of sales and inventory reports

PC Proficiencies:
Microsoft Applications - Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point