Sample Resume for Business Student

A hard-worker, sharp observer and keen to learn new things, I am really focused and devoted on my studies and career. I possess good communication and leadership qualities. I believe that I am in the stage of learning and I won’t miss any opportunity to refine my skills and knowledge. I am seeking employment in an organization where I can improve my skills and qualities while helping the organization in every possible way.

POSITION APPLIED FOR: Any required position.

FIELDS OF INTEREST: Teaching, Marketing, Public Relationship and Human Resource Development.

Qualification                                 Year                                 Institution

Diploma in Business Studies          2010-2011      Superior Community Institute, Riyadh
Intermediate in pre-engineering   2008-2010       Pakistan International School Riyadh
Matriculation in Biology                 2006-2008       Pakistan International School Riyadh

Currently doing: Graduation Year Institution

BSc. In Business Studies 2013 Superior Community Institute, Riyadh
B.A in English Literature 2012 Pakistan International School Riyadh

My ambition:
My ambition is to provide my services in the best possible way to benefit the organization while improving my knowledge and experience.

Major Term Papers/Reports/Projects:
• Business communication skills
• Thesis writing
• Researched on McDonald’s, D&G, Mac cosmetics, Adidas, and Nestle.
• Formulated a business plan for a bakery
• Performed self analysis
• Formulated Ledgers and Journals.

• Good English speaking and writing skills
• Good knowledge of English Grammar
• Good communication skills
• Good in handling problematic situations
• Good leadership skills

IT skills:
• MS Word
• Power point
• Fast typing speed

• Surfing the net.
• Reading books.
• Learning new things

Mechanic Application Cover Letter Sample for Resume

Mechanics examine, make a diagnosis, repair and service mechanical, electrical or electronic systems and components of cars, buses, and trucks. They are in a job by motor vehicle dealers, garages, truck and trailer dealerships, convoy maintenance companies, and service stations, automotive field shops, transport companies and retail institutions which have automotive service shops.

Some Example Titles of Mechanics are
• Automobile Mechanic
• Automotive Service Technician
• Automotive Service Technician Apprentice
• Bus Mechanic
• Car Mechanic
• Motor Repairer

A good application or Cover Letter is always desirable for Mechanic Job because it is your primary statement your employer will see and perceive your suitability for the job. Look at the following cover letter / application letter sample for the position of mechanic.

Application / Cover Letter Sample for Mechanic Job

51 Example Street
Houston TX 65999

October 5, 2011

Mr. David Cohen,
Owner, Houston Car Garage
33 Sample Avenue
Houston TX 65999

Dear Mr. Cohen:

Re: Mechanic job in Houston Car Garage

I am writing to express my interest in the current opening of a car mechanic in your garage. After reading the requirements in detail, I found myself suitable for this job because I have been working in the automotive industry for three years, including the last two years as a mechanic at ABC Car Garage. I achieved to this position within one year of starting work with the company as an internee by showing my enthusiasm and work with other vehicle mechanics and maintaining a record of zero comebacks on cars and trucks I being serviced by me.

I have excellent communication and customer service skills and have developed superior conflict resolution and staff supervision skills acting as a negotiator between the electricians, technicians, mechanics and the general manager. I am well thought-out, familiar to maintaining company records and talented in all Microsoft Office Suite. My position has required better understanding of vehicle electronic systems, error diagnostics, and pneumatic and hydraulic diagnostics and maintenance.

I would like to be considered for the mechanic position at the Houston Car Garage as of its excellent standing in the industry for offering invaluable knowledge and better customer service. I am confident that my work ethic and earlier experience would incorporate well with your company's culture.

I look forward to talk about my qualifications and knowledge with you further. I can be reached at (999) 999-9999. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]

Optometrist Receptionist Resume Sample

While writing a Resume for Optometrist Receptionist position, remember that the Optometric Receptionist must have brilliant communication and secretarial skills in a full of activity and distracting place of work. He / She is the primary impression for the organization and the person liable for gathering and organizing patient information which is completely maintained in electronic system. The Optometric Receptionist ought to be able to do multiple tasks simultaneously in distracting surroundings that frequently requires telephonic conversation with synchronized entering of data into the computer, perhaps whilst greeting or administrating second phone calls.

Optometrist Receptionist Resume Sample

Aleena K. Smith
99 Example Street, Edmonton AB S9R 6E9
(999) 999-9999, Email Address

Key Qualifications
• 3 years of experience in a medical office environment.
• Able to answer multiple phone lines simultaneously, maintain computerized customer records and always pleased to have personal interaction with the public
• Good skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and the Internet
• Highly capable of working in a Windows-based environment
• Able to organize and complete tasks reliably
• Able to understand and explain patient privacy policies
• Bilingual - English and French

May 2008 – Present
Alice Community Hospital, Edmonton AB
Optometrist Receptionist
• Optometrist receptionists interface with patients and doctors.
• Answer phone calls, schedule appointments, maintain charts and greet patients
• Responsible for regular office duties, light cleaning, keeping track of supplies and maintaining office equipment
• Insures that patients are scheduled accurately and that patients are reminded about the appointment to minimize open slots
• Gathers demographic, insurance and health information either over the phone or via web registration to schedule patients
• Able to contact and communicate with insurance representatives to understand and explain benefits to patients.
July 2005 – May 2008
ABC Company, Calgary AB
Administrative Assistant
[Duties here]

High School Diploma – 2002
ABC College, Edmonton AB

• Adjusting and repairing eye glasses
• Teaching contact lens care and use to patients
• Authorizing insurance and billing
• Assisting customers with frame selection
• Pre-testing patient vision
• Maintaining supplies of eyeglass frames and contact lenses

Available on request

How To Write A Good Objective Statement For Resume?

The primary step in making an attractive resume is determining and saying precisely what you're trying to achieve. With a evidently defined career objective, you can put a resume in writing that conveys the experience, skills and training that finest serve your largely professional ambitions.

Keep in mind that Human resource or hiring managers are busy enough with folks who can't meet the expense of wasting any time trying to discover what your career goals are. They won't take the time to carry this out; they'll just shift on to the subsequent resume by putting yours into trash.

Do You Really Require An Objective Section In Your Resume?
Despite the fact that it's vital for your resume to take in a clear career goal, you don't have to convey it through an Objective section. The best part of job seekers might slot in their career goals into a Qualifications Summary as an alternative.

For instance, a job applicant led her qualifications summary as follows:

·         Talented and trustworthy administrative assistant, expert in all aspects of office management inside nonprofit environments.

Her qualifications summary continued to communicate her key qualifications for an administrative position, but her opening line enabled hiring managers to instantly distinguish her goal. If you are on a stable career track, slotting in your objective into a summary sends the message "this is who I am," more willingly than "this is who I'd like to be when I grow up."

When Is a Resume Objective Required?
Career changers and recently graduated ought to consider put their objectives into their resumes, for the reason that their goals might not be evidently defined by their work history alone. If you're targeting an exacting position, add a proper objective statement and reference the job opening. The hiring executive will see you took time to tailor your resume and that the occasion is important to you.

Some Guidelines for Writing Your Resume Objective Statement
- Emphasize on how you would do good to the employer, not on how the company would do good to you. Keep away from resume objectives that state your working preferences, for example "seeking team-oriented surroundings that foster skilled development."
- Don't be unclear. Maneuver clear from statements that say nothing substantial regarding your career goal (e.g., "looking for a demanding position with potential for growth and advancement").
- Keep it brief and targeted. Companies often scrutinize through hundreds to thousands of resumes to plug one job opening. Make it simple on them by keeping your objective little and succinct. The most excellent resume objectives contain a preferred job title or target.

Abilities of an Administrative Assistant

Following are the 10 most critical abilities which must be present in a successful administrative assistant resume.

1. Pay attention and comprehend information and ideas presented throughout spoken words and sentences.
2. Read and identify with information and ideas presented in writing.
3. Converse information and ideas in writing so others will recognize.
4. Communicate information and ideas in talking so others will know.
5. Apply wide-ranging rules to exact problems to make answers that make sense.
6. Observe details at close range (inside a few feet of the viewer).
7. Merge pieces of information to form universal rules or conclusions (includes finding an association among apparently unrelated events).
8. Generate or use dissimilar sets of rules for combining or grouping things in special ways.
9. Make quick, easy, frequent movements of the fingers, hands, and wrists.
10. Put things together or actions in a definite order or prototype in line with a precise rule or set of rules.

Bank Teller Cover Letter Example

Bank tellers are accountable for providing friendly customer service and processing cash when customers make deposits. They also hand out money when customers mark checks on their accounts or take out their deposits.

Tellers carry out numerous other duties as well. They process payroll checks, switch over foreign currency, take delivery of loan payments, and issue traveler's checks. Tellers normally work in banks but some tellers work for other financial institutions for instance savings and mortgage associations.

Thinking to apply for a bank teller job? The first step towards your hiring process is an effective resume with a supporting cover letter. A cover letter for bank teller job is a standard business format letter emphasizing on your cash handling skills and customer service capabilities.

Bank Teller Cover Letter Example

31 Example Street
Jersey City, NJ 98777

September 28, 2011

Mr. John Doe,
Hiring Manager
ABC Bank
10 Example Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 98777

Dear Mr. Doe:

I am actively looking for a teller position with the ABC Bank, as advertised in the New York Times last week. After reading the job requirements and essential skills required for this job, I believe I will be an perfect candidate for this position.

While working as a teller for more than a year, I have learned to converse effectively with customers of diverse backgrounds. In addition, I am an extremely responsible and truthful person. I am skilled in recording the cash transactions; validate, or check the deposit slip and stamp it by device to show that it was checked and accepted at that date and time. I know how to validate check previous to cashing them. In addition I am able to categorize the customers by asking for a personal identification number, checking for photo recognition, or comparing the customer's autograph to the one the bank has on file.

My enclosed resume can give you with further details regarding my experience and qualifications. I would like to meet you personally and come back with any questions you might have regarding my qualifications. I can be reached through my email [Email Address Here] or my phone number (999) 999-9999.


Anna Smith

Enc. Resume

Sample Resume of a Chemical Engineer

Following is a sample resume of a chemical engineer. Have a look at this sample resume in order to make your own attention grabbing resume of a Chemical Engineer.

[Contact #], [Email Address]

Chemical Engineer with a range of industry experiences which constitutes to a solid background in Laboratory, Processing, and Quality. With expertise - local and abroad - in technical servicing, field inspection, chemical processes. With hands-on experience in water, oil, phosphate coatings, cleaning, de-rusting solutions, cordage, soil, and concrete. Industry background has compounded career into a technically inclined engineer who can adapt and recognize various standards.

Bachelor of Science Major in CHEMICAL
Manila, Philippines

Feb 2011 – Mar 2011
Libyan Saraya Construction Co., Aziziya, Libya

Oct 2008 – Apr 2010
AL NAHR CO. LTD. Tripoli, Libya
Great Man-Made River Project
• Daily monitoring of all testing and related laboratory works and ensuring that all activities are within standard procedure.
• Prepared laboratory schedules for daily activities of laboratory technician and engineers.
• Supervised and plan daily activities of concreting and soil tests on site.
• Responsible for preparation of weekly and monthly progress report of all laboratory and concreting activities.
• Performed testing for soil, aggregate, concrete, water, & chemical tests.
• Responsible for monitoring and ensuring that all instruments are calibrated and in good condition.
• Maintain and record all daily accomplishments of laboratory technicians and engineers.

Aug 2007 – Sep 2008
 Provided technical service to customer.
 Conducted training and seminars regarding product and process to customer.
 Monitored line condition to ensure good quality outcome.
 Carried out recommended corrective action assigned by immediate superior.
 Specified process countermeasures regarding line situation and condition.
 Conducted laboratory analysis of samples from customers for evaluation.
 Assisted in product modification.
 Assisted in Quality Assurance and Control.

Jan 2006 – Mar 2007
MANILA CORDAGE COMPANY, Makati City, Philippines
 Evaluated rope quality, testing of various types and sizes for Hawser Laid, Shroud Laid, 8-strand, 9-strand (Hard fiber, and Synthetics Ropes).
 Prepared lay order documents.
 Inspected machine reeving, linear density, tensile strength, diameter and other parameters monitoring that conforms to the United States Fiber Specification (USFS TR-605B) and Cordage Institute Specifications (CI-1308) and other technical specifications provided by Australian, British, German, and Canadian clients.
 Prepared moisture and oil content, Becker Value, incoming raw materials inspection, and samples.

Apr 2003 – Dec 2005
BULACAN BOTTLING CORPORATION, Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines
 Monitors the quality parameters of the bottle washer according to the designed frequency, to ensure the safe and thorough washing of the bottles before it enters the filling room.
 Operates the Carbocooler equipment.
 Conducts physico-chemico test on beverage samples accurately and on time.
 Calibrates laboratory equipment and other measuring devices. Pressure gauges used from carbonation tests are calibrated weekly.
 Check Water tests on raw, soft and treated water for parameters required in conforming to water quality standards before start-up of production.

July 2002 – Nov 2002
 Performs routine laboratory testing for inspection & testing of incoming materials, in-process inspection & testing and final inspection & testing.
 Handles versatile lab equipment such as Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, UV-VIS, Saybolt Viscometer for qualitative and quantitative analyses of various stages of processes such as Acidification, Simple Distillation (Batch), and Clay reactors.
 Conducts acceptance test for vendors’ proposal and suppliers.
 Recommends an appropriate action to be taken if non-conformity occurs.
 Coordinates with the facilities and maintenance engineers for air and water pollution issues.
 Documents and ensures quality records, lab equipment maintenance and calibration.

 Successful execution skills seminar
Manila Cordage Company, Makati City – September 2006

 Basic Supervisory And Foremanship Seminar
Manila Cordage Company, Makati City – April 2006

1. Iadc Rigpass Orientation & Basic Safety Awareness
(Including Slinger & Bankman Safety Measure)
Course Date : Dec. 23, 2001 and Jan. 6, 13, 20, 27 2002
Cert. No. ODT/PH/CTP02-590

2. Introduction To Hydrogen Sulfide (H2s)/Scba
Course Date : Feb. 3, 2002
Cert. No. ODT/PH/CTP04-590

3. First Aid At Oil & Gas Drilling Rig
Course Date : Feb. 10/17, 2002
Cert. No. ODT/PH/CTP05-590

4. Introduction To Basic Oilwell Drilling Technology
Course Date: Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 2,9,16,2002
Cert. No. ODT/PH/CTP01-590

Safety Orientation, Quezon Power Project
November 5, 1998
Sponsor/ General Contractor: Bechtel Overseas Corporation
Credential: Employee Safety and Health Practices Handbook

 Pretreatment Chemicals
Plant and Laboratory: Simulation, design, titration, SST, coating weight, qualitative and quantitative analysis, coating thickness via SEM, Chrome reduction (Cr6-Cr3), master batch preparation; raw materials: sampling, assaying, pH, conductivity, SG, retention.
Site: Phosphating line and Chromating line inspection, troubleshooting, supervision, negotiation, technical training, driving.
 Soil and Concreting
ASTM: Finer than #200 C117, SA D422, LL PL D4318, RD D4254-53, SPD D698, MP D1557-56, PLT LOD D1195, SG AGG C127-128, COMP C-39, CUR C-31. Chemical lab. and Physical lab.
 Lube Petroleum Laboratory
Viscosity: ASTM D445; API and SG: ASTM D287; TAN: ASTM D974; Flashpoint: ASTM D92; COA: as per WI; Blending: API Standard.
 Rope Testing & Inspection
Quality: CI 1308 – 01, USFS TR605b; Laboratory: Soxhlet apparatus, Photovolt- reflectance meter Becker Value. Horizontal Testing (T/S) Machine - Tinius Olsen.
 Bottling Operation
Softdrinks Plant: Carbocooler (MOJONNIER Brand); Water Treatment: Cold Lime Process; Bottlewasher Parameters Monitoring; Washed Bottle: EBI- Electronic Bottle Inspection; Filled Bottle: Brix, GV, SPC, Candling, Date code, FE, GF. Skills adapted mentioned above congruent to TCCQS Standards.
 Other Equipment and Gadgets
Analytical equipment (various application) – AAS Hitachi S3500, UV-Visual Perkin Elmer, Autotitrator carousel type Radiometer, Analytical balance, ORP, pH, Conductivity meters.
Knowledge in process designs, automatic controls, P&ID, DCS, troubleshooting
Familiar with Windows 7 Ultimate, MS WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint, Internet surfing, iPad, iPhone, Acer, Lenovo, common hardware and software