Driver Cover Letter Sample


There are many types of drivers – some work in professional capacities and some in personal ones. Drivers are hired by companies to either drive their own transport or are hired out from companies for various driving purposes. There are truck drivers, bus drivers, limo drivers and personal drivers. Let us have a look at a cover letter example of a driver which will give us some idea of how to write one when applying for this job.

Sample Cover Letter for Driving Job

635 Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard
Peyton, CO 83837

January 30, 2013

Mr. Andrew Young
Delta Services
839 Rocky Road
Peyton, CO 83735

Dear Mr. Young:

I am interested in applying for the Driver position at Delta Service that you have advertised on your website. As an experienced driver with over a decade of service driving both commercial and private vehicles, I am confident of my suitability for this position.

Following are some of my key strengths which are in line with your requirements:
Demonstrated ability to check vehicle for problems and perform basic maintenance
Able to keep both the inside and outside of the vehicle clean
Proven ability to help passengers when loading and unloading their luggage
Track record of following all traffic laws
Able to maintain a log of miles traveled

Since I was born and raised in Peyton, I am comfortable with all locations and addresses in and around the city. I can read the map as well as I can operate the GPS which I understand is the basic requirement of this job. Possessing excellent knowledge of how most engines work, I am never at bay in the event of a breakdown. With my ability to make minor (and sometimes even major) repairs along with excellent know-how of driving both large and small vehicles, I am sure to be an asset to your company. I comprehend the necessity of assisting passengers with embarking and disembarking and loading and unloading cargo when required.

I am certain in my ability to work well for you as a driver and would like to explore this opportunity further by meeting with you in person. I will call you later in the week to ask for an interview date and will be available at (302) 222-2222 if you need to talk to me before we meet.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Warm Regards,

George Krass

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Administrator Cover Letter Sample

Administrators are found in every office you can think of. The need to manage offices in terms of operations, clerical work and front desk activities is profound to say the least which is why you will find administrators in schools, offices and even in hospitals. If you are looking for a job in this category, the following cover letter sample will help you apply for one.

Sample Cover Letter for Administrator Job

257 Country Road
Snyder, CO 83837

January 30, 2013

Mr. Adam Hope
Manager HR
Carson Care
9003 Hampden Avenue
Snyder, CO 37735

Dear Mr. Hope:

I saw your advertisement for the position of Administrator on your website and offer my services for the same. With a bachelor degree in public administration and three years of hands on experience,  I believe in my ability to work effectively in order to achieve Carson Care's mission. 

Presently, I am working as an Administrator at the Adam’s Apple and would now like to switch jobs in the anticipation of working on a broader grounds. Per your requirements, I have extensive knowledge of preparing annual budgets along with managing most financial and accounting procedures effectively. My supervision acumen ensures that I work well with staff and manage them in a manner befitting the company’s policies and protocols. I also possess the ability to work effectively and diplomatically with a variety of stakeholders including residents and board members. Moreover, I take great pride in my ability to manage both administrative and clerical aspects of the job apart from providing excellent front desk services.

I am very excited to deliver my skills to Carson Care and would welcome a chance to meet with you personally for which I will call your office next week. I may be contacted at (003) 333-3333 for any further information if needed. Thank you for taking out the time to review my application. 


Catherine Sanders

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Cover Letter for Clerical Position – No Experience

Entry Level Clerical Cover Letter Writing Tips

•    Spend time wisely constructing your cover letter for the clerical position as it will distinguish you from other applicants and display your interest in the job
•    Focus on the most relevant skills and qualifications you have which can directly benefit the employer
•    Skip all kind of inappropriate material which is not directly related to clerical position
•    Do not mention you are an entry level candidate or a fresh graduate. Instead, focus on your skills
•    Proofread your cover letter and avoid any grammatical mistakes

Clerical Position Cover Letter Sample

Sergiy Bigun
4934 Walnut Grove Ave
San Gabriel, LA 91775

Jan 30, 2013

Ms. Hendricks Gayle
Manager HR
The Unlimited Path
P.O. Box 897, Head Quarters
Panama City, Florida 32402

Dear Ms. Gayle:

I am sending this application to apply for a clerk position available at The Unlimited Path, since it is in my knowledge that you are expanding your operations to California in near future and I foresee you will require more clerks.  With relevant skills and great enthusiasm, I can contribute effectively to achieve the long term goals of your organization.

As shown in my resume, I worked as a clerical intern during summer at Lutheran Senior Services where I provided assistance to the home health manager in organizing and maintaining the Office.  During my work, I developed hands-on expertise in; opening and processing mails, answering phone calls, maintaining employee files, filing paperwork and documentation, entering data into computer, maintaining inventory on office/medical supplies, monthly billing, deposits and payroll and assisting with monthly reports alike.

Moreover, I have a vast knowledge and concrete experience of working with computers, specifically working on Microsoft Office applications and spread sheet packages. With a passion of working in office environment, I am able to perform tasks with speed to meet deadlines, and with accuracy to maintain confidentiality. I am well-organized with strong time-management skills and have a reliable vehicle with valid Florida driver’s license which can help reporting to work in any remote area. In addition to all these capabilities, I deem to learn more so that I can benefit you exemplarily.

Hoping to see you soon in an interview, I have enclosed my resume for your review. I will call you within few days to follow up.  If you need any additional information, you may contact me any time on my cell phone at (999) 090-2100 or via email at (Email).

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sergiy Bigun


Air Hostess Cover Letter Example


In your Air-Hostess Cover Letter make sure you add-on to the specific skills which make you an exceptionally good candidate, without rephrasing your resume. Remember that you have to keep your cover letter to a page (maximum), thus you should choose a few of your most relevant and strongest hospitality skills to impress the recruiter and keep the piece of writing interesting. Follow the sample below in order to make an effective cover letter for Air Hostess Resume.

Air Hostess Cover Letter Example

Jamey Marley
346 SE Blue Jap ways
New York, NY 10022

Jan 25, 2013

Mr. Charlie W. Parsons
HR Manager
Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation
W6390 Challenger Drive, Suite 203
Appleton, WI 54914

Dear Mr. Parsons:

Deeply pulled by the The New York Times heading “Equal Opportunity Employer” posted for the vacant position of Air Hostess at Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation (AWAC), I am writing to apply for the same at your regional flight crew. Recognizing that AWAC is the largest privately held regional airline operating in the United States, I believe that my learned qualifications and skills will make me the best crew member of your airline.

Soon after graduating from high school, I started working for American Eagle Airlines as a trainee hostess, in order to professionally begin my career in the flight crew and management. I have gone up the ladder in the past four years quiet swiftly, being an international flight air-hostess at the moment.

Furthermore, I possess an exclusive flight attendant training certificate conducted by School of Aviation New York. This training further refined my abilities to deal with the passengers compassionately and appropriately, while maintaining airlines’ hospitality standards and keeping customers' loyalty.

Although, the details of my qualifications are listed in my resume, I would like to emphasize that I have proven record of providing excellent customer service to passengers ensuring friendly and welcoming environment with addressing customer requests professionally with a smile. Moreover, I can perform a variety of services for the safety and comfort of passengers and efficiently handle inflight emergencies problems in accordance with standard emergency procedures and practices. Above and beyond, I have never received a negative response or behavioral complaint by any customer or team member which is one of my greatest achievements.

I am certain that my professional experience and knowledge in performing air hostess’s duties is just the exact match of your position. I anticipate meeting you in person soon in order to discuss my qualifications in detail. For more information regarding my credentials, you can contact me at 123-456-7890. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Jamey Marley


Investment Banking Cover Letter

Investment bankers work at financial institutions where their prime duty is to manage financing solutions for businesses and individuals. This position requires a candidate to possess a degree in finance along with a good background in managing customer services. This cover letter sample will provide you with an example of how a person applying for this position should write a cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter for Investment Banking Resume

220 S Highly Street
Gilbert, AZ 66663

January 21, 2013

Mr. Alexander Collins
Manager HR
Gilbert Financials
92 E Beverley Street
Gilbert, AZ 66353

Dear Mr. Collins:

I have been working at the New York Stock Exchange for over six years now and would like to work for a bank now which is why I am offering my services as an Investment Banker at Gilbert Financials. The job description that you have supplied in your advertisement matches closely with my qualifications and I am confident that I can make a good contribution to your organization.

Since I have been working in the financial arena for so long, I am comfortable with all the instruments that this industry offers. I also have profound knowledge of cultivating and expanding relationships with other industry professionals along with managing supervision of financial analysis and complex financial modeling. Since client services is the core of this position, I am familiar with managing financial solutions on an individual basis and providing excellence in client services is the basis of every transaction I made.

I will call you at the end of the week to ask for a convenient time to meet so we can discuss this in detail. Alternately, I will be available at (888) 888-8888 if you need to contact me.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dylan Cameron

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Dental Assistant Cover Letter Sample (No Experience)

Tips of writing a Dental Assistant Cover Letter

·         Send customized cover letter with your resume
·         Do not duplicate your resume, complement it
·         Write to the point, brief and clear. Keep it to one page
·         Whenever possible, address it to the person responsible for hiring
·         Check spellings, grammar and proofread at least two times
·         Keep copies of every cover letter you send out

Refer to the following cover letter example for an entry level medical assistant position with no experience; it will give you a better idea.

Dental Assistant Cover Letter Sample (No Experience)
Ivan West
670 Airport Road
Fayetteville, NC 28306

Jan 19, 2013

Ms. Pamela S. Rucker
The University Of Connecticut Health Center
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030

Dear Ms. Rucker:

On request and advice of university professor Dr. Daniels Iverson, I am applying for the position of Dental Assistant at The University of Connecticut Health Center in the department of Craniofacial Sciences.  I am keen to to deliver my knowledge and skills while gaining initial practical experience working as a dental assistant.

I am a student of B.A. / B.S. and D.M.D. Combined Degree Program in School of Dental Medicine at your university and will be graduating in March this year. After graduating from high school (details mentioned in my resume), I had a clear focus to pursue a career in dental medicine. UCHC, which is New England's top-ranked public university, has provided me with the rare opportunity to harness my talent with this prestigious degree program and equipped me with a broad-based dental education and knowledge.

As indicated in my résumé, I am extremely knowledgeable in:
·         Working with clients to make them comfortable in the dental office
·         Preparing patients for treatments and procedures
·         Sterilizing dental instruments
·         Setting out materials
·         Keeping patients’ mouths dry by means of suction hoses
·         Processing x-rays and performing lab tasks
·         Keeping records and scheduling appointments
·         Administer dental office billing and payment

Knowing the prerequisite of applying for this position, I have successfully completed the Dental Radiation Health and Safety examination, administered by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) and have attached the results with this application as well. Another evidence of my superb dental knowledge is my 3.91 CGPA and the consistent presence in the dean’s list of university.

With a strong academic background and high enthusiasm, I will prove to be your best choice as the dental assistant. I will appreciate getting an interview opportunity to further discuss prospects of this job. In case of any queries please contact me at (010) 596-4432. I’ll be looking forward to your positive response.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ivan West


Medical Assistant Cover Letter Example

While writing your cover letter for Medical Assistant Resume, remember, it is important to customize every cover letter you write for the specific position and company. Do not use one general cover letter to send along with every resume you drop in several organizations. Writing unique cover letters tailored for the exact organization will show your deep interest, sense of responsibility and seriousness towards getting the job. In your Medical Assistant cover letter direct the reader to your enclosed resume.

Sample Cover Letter for Medical Assistant

Rosen Doyle
590 Harper Way Suite 240.
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Jan 18, 2013

Ms. Alison Stevenson 
Recruiting Manager
ZPH Healthcare LLC
876 Y street NW
Washington, DC 20002 

Dear Ms. Stevenson:
As soon as I made my career profile at ‘Christian Career Center’, the first most appealing position available that matched my qualifications and skills came up to be the medical assistant part-time position at ZPH Healthcare LLC in Florida. Therefore, I am sending this letter to apply for this position being confident enough that I will be able to perform at the best of my abilities in your top-ranked healthcare services providing organization. 
It has been quite a while that I started working as a medical intern at Maitland Family Care at Orlando and with several trainings and promotions due to my ability to quickly grasp and learn as well as hard work and outstanding performance, currently I am the senior medical assistant in the same organization. Here, under the direction of the Clinical Supervisor, I provide medical care to patients as required by the Medical Practice Act.

Being a certified medical assistant through the American Association of Medical Assistants, I am richly experienced in assisting physicians in patients’ healthcare education during medical treatment and examination. Moreover, I can proficiently administer medical procedures and treatments as per requirements.

In your job description provided online, you have mentioned bilingual applicant requirement with Spanish and English proficiency, whereas I can offer you and the patients spoken and written proficiency in four distinct languages; English, Spanish, French and German. My core competency is to provide compassionate, friendly, empathetic and most importantly – efficient customer service to patients and clients. Just as specifically essential for this position, I have the necessary computer skills including working knowledge of MS Office and Excel, Windows OS, several e-mail applications, medical databases and data entry tools.

Although I have been consistently progressing in the current organization that I work for, I want to take on this part-time medical assistant position to deliver ZPH Healthcare LLC and its patients with my appropriate skills. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience. Additionally, I will follow up with a call in three days’ time to confirm receipt of this application. My resume is enclosed with my contact details. I am thankful for your time and interest.

Sincerely yours,

(Signature in ink _ Leave four spaces)
Rosen Doyle


Sample Resume for Host / Hostess Position

The terms host or hostess is just fancy names for waiters and waitresses. They work in the hospitality industry and are required to provide customers with tier one services. Let us look at a resume sample for this position in order to understand what a host or a hostess will need to write in a resume when they apply for a job in this capacity.


Host / Hostess Resume Sample

Anne Jayden
381 Mentone Boulevard, Mentone, CA 37393
 (000) 999-9999, Email

Looking for a Hostess position with Hyatt employing first contact skills and absolute customer orientation in order to provide the best of dining experience to the hotel’s patrons.

  • Functional knowledge of working in a hospitality setting
  • Hands on experience in greeting and seating guests appropriately
  • In depth knowledge of bussing tables and taking orders
  • Highly skilled in providing an enjoyable environment for hotel guests by ensuring high quality of service
  • Managed two huge groups of hotel patrons for breakfast simultaneously, earning commendation from both
  • Promoted from general worker to hostess position within the first year of working at Hyatt
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to work with a diversity of people
  • Able to multitask effectively
  • Excellent reasoning ability
Jul 2008 - Present
Hilton Suites - Mentone, CA
  • Receive patrons and guests as they arrive
  • Help them with seating and ask for orders
  • Assist in bussing tables when required
  • Check tables for accuracy and cleanliness
  • Take orders and relay them to the kitchen
Jan 2008 – Jul 2008 
Marriott NY, New York, NY 
  • Took room service calls when necessary
  • Ensured all orders are taken accurately
  • Refilled beverages as and when required
  • Took orders over the phone
  • Maintained a clean podium
St. Louis City School, New York, NY
High School Diploma – 2007

Admitting Representative Cover Letter Example

Admitting representatives work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities where their job is to facilitate patient pre-registration, registration and admission procedures. A candidate wanting to acquire a job in this capacity will need to ensure that he or she highlights his or her better traits in a cover letter. Here is how it can be done.

Cover Letter for Admitting Representative Resume

918 Fairfax Ct.
Reno, NV 66663

January 11, 2013

Mr. John Travolta
Hiring Manager
Family Health Clinic
333 Betsy Street
Reno, NV 55553

Re: Admitting Representative Position (ID 2101)

Dear Mr. Travolta:

I am writing to inquire of the possibility of working as an Admitting Representative at Family Health Clinic. I have been following the success of your clinic and know of the reputation of the clinic as one of the finest in the state and would like to contribute to it with my knowledge of admitting procedures.

Comprehending the basic and advanced duties of this position, I am capable of managing demographic data and understand the need for patient verification procedures. In addition, I am extremely proficient in managing data entry duties as I am dexterous with keyboards and possess the adeptness to utilize available data in order to complete patients’ financial information in a strictly efficient manner. My knowledge of insurance claims and companies makes it easy for me to sort out patients’ claim information. Additionally, I am competent in maintaining patient charts and other administrative tasks.

I would like to meet with you in order to discuss the possibility of my working with you and will call you after the weekend to ask for an interview date. In the interim, I will be available at (023) 333-3333 if you need to contact me.

Thank you for considering my application. I anticipate to hear from you soon.


Sue Grafton