Operations Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Be innovative when writing your cover letter for an operations specialist position! 
You can start the letter mentioning some positive comments from a previous employer that will show the prospect recruiter that you are a valuable applicant. Also praise the recruiting company! This is very important as employers like to work with people who like them and already have an admiration for the company. It shows your commitment! Follow the sample below to write your own attention grabbing cover letter:


9606 Sport Hills Robins AFB, GA 0405  
(090) 430 – 090988 - mike232 @

Mr. Alberto Gallo
Recruitment Officer
RBS Citizens Financial Group, Inc.
1511 Pontiac Avenue, BLDG 68-2
Cranston- RI 02920

Dear Mr. Gallo:

“With exceptional management skills, one of our best and most productive employee, highly compassionate, diligent and hardworking, the one who deserves to be truly appreciated for his devotion and commitment to the company, Mike Campbell” – said Mr. Arthur Gray Ryan, the CEO of Sterling Savings Bank, while awarding me with the ‘Employee of the Year’ title, where I worked as an operations officer.

RBS is one of the world's most admired, valuable and stable universal banks and I simply could not ignore the job vacancy for Operations Specialist, which you posted on earlier this evening. What makes me the most suitable candidate for this position is my current relevant working experience in a bank with similar job description as this post at RBS. This means, negligible training costs for you! 

Being spectacularly skilled in identifying regulatory and financial risks, I can provide preemptive support to the bank on audit reviews. Over the two years of my job, I became highly capable of accurately collaborating with seniors in order to improve operational risk management processes. With superb analytical skills and proven ability to take on challenges, I have successfully developed and implemented business processes to improve safety, quality and cost. I have profound ability to organize record, process and service the production output of the various servicing activities for the bank. 

Establishing best practices to monitored exception remediation plans to provide pointed risk training and formalizing a regulatory committee to manage and control short & long term strategic projects, are two of my numerous achievements while working for Sterling Savings Bank. 

I am sure that considering my qualifications and strong set of skills, you will give me a chance to prove my abilities working with RBS. Hoping to meet you in an interview, I have enclosed my resume for your detailed review. You can contact me on the number mentioned on the top. Thanking you in anticipation.


Mike Campbell

Enc. Resume