Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Sample – No Experience

In order to write an effective cover letter for entry level medical receptionist job application, you have to do careful research about the organization where you are applying. Your cover letter will require tactical thinking and multiple revisions in order to make the best out of it.

The most excellent way to have your cover letter professionally proofread is to have it reviewed by a practicing career counselor.

The following is a reviewed sample which will help you in writing your own:

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Sample - No Experience

31 Buffalo Street,
Hamburg, NY 14075   

Mar 29, 2013

Mr. Simmons Ray
HR Manager
Warrenton Cardiologists
P.O. Box 61,
Warrenton, VA 20186

Dear Mr. Ray:

I would like to be considered for the position of part-time medical receptionist MRP3 at Warrenton Cardiologists. I am a first year student at Washington State University's College of Pharmacy and will be graduating with a pharmacist degree in two years’ time.  I read about Warrenton Cardiologists’ requirement of a medical receptionist through an email sent by my university placement office about recent job openings and this one appealed to me the most because of its part time nature, Warrenton Cardiologists’ excellent reputation of being an equal opportunity employer and the perfect match between job requirements and my qualifications. 

Your Requirements
My Qualifications
Experience in customer service

One year of experience as a sales representative at AT&T outlet, VA providing high quality customer service
Knowledge of how to use office equipment
Skilled in using office equipment including printers, scanners, multiple line telephones and computers as well as handling paperwork
At least 1-2 years of receptionist experience (Healthcare/Medical office setting preferred)
Two years of medical receptionist experience at a ‘Cure It Dental Clinic’, NY
Any courses in medical terminology/healthcare/office management
Student of Bachelors in pharmaceuticals from WSU

While utilizing my knowledge of reception tasks, clinical policies, procedures, paperwork and application of customer service concepts and techniques, I would be able to perform this job very well. I am available for an interview at your convenience and will contact your head office to follow up on my job application in a week. Thank you very much for considering my application for the Medical Receptionist position at Warrenton Cardiologists. In case you need any additional information, I can be reached at (253) 123-1234 or via email at (Email Address Here).

Truly yours,

Bob Hendrix


Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Receptionist Cover Letter Writing Guidelines

In the opening of your Receptionist Cover Letter, do remember to mention the receptionist position with the job number, location and complete details for which you are applying. State how you heard about the position; if it was from a mutual contact, specifically mention the name of referrer. Try to compare similarities between your background and the company’s requirements while focusing on your key strengths. The following sample will help you write a better cover letter for the receptionist post.

Example of Cover Letter for Receptionist Resume

Anthony Hennel
100 North Riverside
Chicago, IL 60606

Mar 26, 2013

Mr. Trey Rainey
HR Manager
Education Management Corporation
210 sixth avenue 33rd floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Dear Mr. Rainey:

Your advertisement in the New York Times captured my attention for two reasons: one – exactly the same job description as my previous job with greater room for growth and two – I recently read an article in the Business Success Stories Journal about EDMC’s (Education Management Corporation) celebration of more than 40 years of delivering quality higher education to the served communities. Keeping in view my seven years of experience in the similar position, I am applying for the full-time Receptionist post - 11000.239.12 in EDMC.

These are the post relevant activities that I am exceptionally trained at performing efficiently:
Answering phone calls, directing callers to appropriate departments and/or employees
Creating a welcoming environment by greeting  guests and customers
Managing front desk functions for example; mail and package delivery handling, arranging conferences, keeping executive appointment calendars, etc.
Scheduling candidate interviews for HR department’s hiring managers and managing new hire onboarding process
Delivering quality customer service
Maintaining company phone directory and organizational chart

Understanding that the receptionist is the first point of contact between the organization and client/customer/guest, I have always been friendly with people, having a welcoming demeanor due to my strong ability to maintain quality interpersonal professional relationships. I intend to utilize my experience and learn more from EDMC’s diverse employee culture.

Thank you very much for considering my application for the Receptionist position in your organization. I would be grateful to get the opportunity to meet with you in person or by telephone for discussing your requirements and how I can fulfill them. In case you need any supplementary information, please do not hesitate to contact me on my cell (020) 123-1234.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Anthony Hennel


Legal Secretary Cover Letter

Remember the following points when writing your cover letter for Legal Secretary resume:

• Read the job description of the Legal Secretary position advertised by employer

• Send a unique cover letter to every employer

• Write your cover letter matching the format and paper of your resume

• If possible, provide examples when you claim to have certain skills - to prove to the reader that you have what they are looking for

• Address the hiring manager by name

• Explain the purpose of your letter in the first paragraph and show that you have researched the organization and the position

Cover Letter for Legal Secretary Position

5533 Central Brighton Village
Saint Lucie, FL 2282

Mar 26, 2013

Mr. Levenson Howard
Hiring In-charge
Dechert LLP
1095 Avenue of the Americas 
New York, NY 10018

Dear Mr. Howard:

I am interested in applying for the Legal Secretary position at Dechert LLP which was advertised in the ‘Smart Recruiters’ recruiting platform. My Associate's Degree in Legal Studies from American Intercontinental University coupled with my professional experience has enriched my grasp over the legal practices.  I intend to work with Dechert LLP due to its fame as a leading international law firm delivering high-quality legal services to clients all over the world. 

I have over six years of experience of working in the corporate legal environment and have extensive training to perform administrative support functions for legal departments. For example, I have a thorough understanding of drafting and preparing non-standard correspondence and transmittals, as well as reports to internal and external customers working with paralegals. At work, I have demonstrated ability to maintain general, litigation and arbitration case files like case calendars assisting, producing and indexing legal documents.  In addition to my legal expertise, I can offer you hands on experience in scheduling appointments, meetings, travel arrangements, seminars and workshops. In addition, I have a substantial capability of providing project management support by tracking and maintaining project task lists.

As you can see on my resume, I have the unique and in-depth knowledge of all intricate legal activities and able to effectively assist attorneys and paralegals by performing all kinds of challenging secretarial duties. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you in person to learn more about the Dechert LLP’s requirements and explain my qualifications in detail. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact me at (252) 123-1234 for further information.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tom Stinson


Court Clerk Cover Letter Template

Court Clerk Cover Letter Writing Tips

· Your court clerk cover letter, like all other professional cover letters, should consist of a single page and it should be to the point.

· Compare employer's needs with your skills in a way that your cover letter portrays you as the employer’s best choice. Write clearly, avoiding long and complicated sentences.  

· Avoid using jargon or over-representation of your qualifications.

Follow the sample cover letter given below to draft your own:

Court Clerk Cover Letter Template

800 E. Overland 200
El Paso, Texas 79901

Feb 27, 2013

Ms. Nancy Grennan
Hiring Manager
King County District Court
500 4th Avenue, Room 450
Seattle, WA 98104

Dear Ms. Grennan:

In response to the advertisement displayed on the King County District Court notice board, I am sending in this application to apply for the position of Court Clerk.  Working as a junior court clerk with ABC Organization has given me enough requisite experience and knowledge to make me eligible for this position.

According to your requirements, following are the skills I have earned that will prove me as your best choice:
· Able to outstandingly perform varied court clerical work
· Efficient in case processing: manually, on Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS) as well as related computer systems
· Proven track record of reviewing legal documents for completeness, adequacy, accuracy and compliance with rules and determining processing required to take necessary action
· Trained in scheduling and attending court hearings, determining routing of complaints/petitions and sending notices to parties/attorneys, etc.
· Capable of managing office financial activities, calculating costs and amounts due for judgments, traffic and criminal cases.

Moreover, I have demonstrated ability to independently make appropriate clerical decisions while processing a wide range of information. Being well organized I am able to pay attention to details, remaining on task with multiple interruptions and retaining information.

I believe I can perform this job very well with my qualifications and the related previous job experiences (mentioned in detail in my resume attached herewith). Please feel free to contact me at (321) 123-1234 for further information. I look forward to see you soon in my interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Smith Zvavitch


Medical Transcriptionist Resume Example

Medical transcriptionists convert oral dictation into a word processer by using their keen listening and typing skills. They work in the healthcare industry and are responsible for performing this duty for doctors and other healthcare professionals.

The following resume example will provide you with a basis of writing your own when applying for a position as a medical transcriptionist.

Medical Transcriptionist Resume Sample

Luke Perry
990 Washburn Street, Beloit, WI 77773
 (999) 999-9999, Email

Looking to apply my keen listening and transcribing skills as a Medical Transcriptionist at The Health Facility.

·         Five years of proven ability to perform transcription duties of a health conglomerate
·         Hands on experience of providing accurate and timely transcription services to all departments
·         In depth knowledge of troubleshooting transcription equipment and initiating service calls when necessary
·         Highly experienced in error checking and maintaining transcription standards

·         Basic knowledge of medical terminology
·         Knowledge of medical transcription guidelines
·         Proven skills in English usage and editing
·         Ability to type 90 WPM
·         Ability to work under stress
·         Excellent listening skill and strong finger dexterity

·         Maintained an accuracy of 90% on all transcriptions since 2008
·         Trained several groups of newly hired transcriptionists in managing medical transcriptions with respect to listening and typing techniques

MBS – Beloit, WI
Medical Transcriptionist | February 2008 – March 2013
·         Performed data entry and retrieval services by listening to medical records and transcribing the same into a word processor
·         Decided which information needed to be included in the transcripts and what should be left out
·         Identified and corrected mistakes
·         Produced medical reports, patient care information and administrative material
·         Asked for further information on unclear dictation points
·         Trained newly hired personnel in transcription techniques

High School Diploma - 2007