Statistician Cover Letter Sample

In today’s world, effective cover letters for statistician position are assertive, versatile and dynamic. Only a cover letter that speaks to the employer succeeds these days. The question then arises, how to make your cover letter speak to the employer? We offer a response to this query.

Self Promotion: Gone are the days when candidates furnished their resumes with meek, humble applications for being hired. The era belongs to outspoken and confident letters, where the candidate uses them as a tool to sell job relevant competencies.

Be Unique: Sublimation is a virtue when it comes to the job market. Be unique and get noticed! Start your letter in an interesting manner and hook the reader.

Employer centered: Convince the employer that you know their needs and are well capable of fulfilling the same. However it’s important to be genuine. Do not claim any qualification you do not possess.

Statistician Cover Letter Sample

February 5, 2015

Mr. George Timothy
HR Manager
North Carolina University
844 Clark Way
Stanford, CA 32000

Dear Mr. Timothy:

After working for 6 years as a statistician with NYU I completely understand inner workings and data analytical requirements of an established university and could prove to be a valuable asset at NCU.

Some highlights of my expertise:

• Skilled in limitation data analysis in terms of reliability and resolving issues pertaining to methodology
• Demonstrated ability to analyze plans and identify appropriate statistical methods
• Special talent for calculating statistical power of given models proposed in grant applications and organizing the data into figures and tables
• Able to provide statistical consultation and carrying out program reviewing
• Proficient in quality assurance and control software including MS Access, SAS and SQL

In addition to being technically sound, I have been making accurate future predictions regarding regression trends based on probability studies, a strength that has always been highly commended and would benefit NCU in many ways. I believe the above mentioned competencies coupled with my exceptional written and verbal communication skills place me in the lime light for consideration. My resume is enclosed for your view.

I look forward to seeing you in an interview. My digits are on the top of the page. I shall be glad to answer any queries you may have regarding my qualifications.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Adam Carl
(006) 777-5555

Attached: resume

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