Abilities of an Administrative Assistant

Following are the 10 most critical abilities which must be present in a successful administrative assistant resume.

1. Pay attention and comprehend information and ideas presented throughout spoken words and sentences.
2. Read and identify with information and ideas presented in writing.
3. Converse information and ideas in writing so others will recognize.
4. Communicate information and ideas in talking so others will know.
5. Apply wide-ranging rules to exact problems to make answers that make sense.
6. Observe details at close range (inside a few feet of the viewer).
7. Merge pieces of information to form universal rules or conclusions (includes finding an association among apparently unrelated events).
8. Generate or use dissimilar sets of rules for combining or grouping things in special ways.
9. Make quick, easy, frequent movements of the fingers, hands, and wrists.
10. Put things together or actions in a definite order or prototype in line with a precise rule or set of rules.

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  1. These abilities are very useful for resume writing. I added some of these in my resume.