Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Sample – No Experience

In order to write an effective cover letter for entry level medical receptionist job application, you have to do careful research about the organization where you are applying. Your cover letter will require tactical thinking and multiple revisions in order to make the best out of it.

The most excellent way to have your cover letter professionally proofread is to have it reviewed by a practicing career counselor.

The following is a reviewed sample which will help you in writing your own:

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Sample - No Experience

31 Buffalo Street,
Hamburg, NY 14075   

Mar 29, 2013

Mr. Simmons Ray
HR Manager
Warrenton Cardiologists
P.O. Box 61,
Warrenton, VA 20186

Dear Mr. Ray:

I would like to be considered for the position of part-time medical receptionist MRP3 at Warrenton Cardiologists. I am a first year student at Washington State University's College of Pharmacy and will be graduating with a pharmacist degree in two years’ time.  I read about Warrenton Cardiologists’ requirement of a medical receptionist through an email sent by my university placement office about recent job openings and this one appealed to me the most because of its part time nature, Warrenton Cardiologists’ excellent reputation of being an equal opportunity employer and the perfect match between job requirements and my qualifications. 

Your Requirements
My Qualifications
Experience in customer service

One year of experience as a sales representative at AT&T outlet, VA providing high quality customer service
Knowledge of how to use office equipment
Skilled in using office equipment including printers, scanners, multiple line telephones and computers as well as handling paperwork
At least 1-2 years of receptionist experience (Healthcare/Medical office setting preferred)
Two years of medical receptionist experience at a ‘Cure It Dental Clinic’, NY
Any courses in medical terminology/healthcare/office management
Student of Bachelors in pharmaceuticals from WSU

While utilizing my knowledge of reception tasks, clinical policies, procedures, paperwork and application of customer service concepts and techniques, I would be able to perform this job very well. I am available for an interview at your convenience and will contact your head office to follow up on my job application in a week. Thank you very much for considering my application for the Medical Receptionist position at Warrenton Cardiologists. In case you need any additional information, I can be reached at (253) 123-1234 or via email at (Email Address Here).

Truly yours,

Bob Hendrix


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