Logistics Specialist Cover Letter Sample

On this page you will find a sample for a logistics specialist cover letter. 

You should make the cover letter appealing for the reader by using graphics to highlight the most important noticeable characteristics about yourself without making it unprofessional. 

Notice the placeholder in the cover letter ahead. Also start your cover letter in an attractive way which creates curiosity in the reader’s mind and forces him/her to read further.

Being creative is the key to getting pass your resume and cover letter to and getting you an interview call!

 Logistics Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Karen Davis
Bract Highway - Boston, MA 78583
Residence: 657-764-7432                      Email:

May 19, 2013

Mr. Martin Humphrey
Human Resources Huntsville
Alutiiq Pacific, LLC
360 C Quality Circle, Suite 300
Huntsville AL 35806

 Dear Mr. Humphrey:

“It takes all sorts to make a world” – said Mr. Richard Hobbs your Chief Executive Officer in an interview he gave to the Corporate Times on March 12, 2012 and that is when I started following your company updates on LinkedIn which is where I recently found out about the ‘Senior Logistics Specialist’ opening in your company. I wish to avail this opportunity by working with you at this position and fulfill my yearlong desired aspiration.

Why should you hire me? Here’s the answer:
  •   Remarkable capability of providing logistic functions
  • Hands-on experience in management of recurring development and maintenance of acquisition / sustainment ILS products, provisioning and Planned Maintenance Support (PMS)
  • Certified in Customs and Shipment procedures
  • Responsible, dutiful and dependable
  • Trained in logistics integration while working in multiethnic & multicultural teams
  • Skilled in scheduling equipment replacements / engineering changes implementation efforts

I know that this is precisely what you are looking for and therefore I have attached my resume to prove to you how I have gathered all these skills. Appreciating your consideration of my application, I will follow up with a call so that we can arrange for a meeting. Please feel free to contact me in need of more information.

Standing by:

Karen Davis

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