Construction Laborer Job Description Sample

The houses you live in, the malls that you shop in and the roads that you drive on are all the efforts of construction laborers. Construction laborers work in companies that build houses, commercial buildings and roads. They are expected to perform physical work and manual labor associated with construction processes. They use their physical dexterity to move materials and equipment around on a job site and are expected to perform many other jobs related to constructing structures.

Construction laborers clean job sites in order to ensure that construction work can commence. They prepare sites by removing debris, trimming trees and shrubs and ensuring that the site is free of any hazardous materials. They also operate forklifts and trucks in order to deliver, load and unload construction materials. Construction workers are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of building materials and equipment and may be expected to operate hand and power tools in order to mix and pour cement or dig trenches.

In order to be able to understand what people working at this position are expected to do, let us review the job duties of a construction laborer.

·         Mop and brush job sites in order to clean them of debris and hazardous materials
·         Break concrete and pavement using a variety of hand tools
·         Position, align, erect and take  temporary and permanent structures
·         Dig trenches and shovel and pour cement
·         Assist in asphalt patching activities
·         Manage material handling and storage activities
·         Operate, load and unload trucks and hoist materials
·         Repair and maintain equipment and machinery
·         Control traffic on road construction sites by placing traffic diversion signs
·         Perform signaling activities to facilitate alignment, movement and adjustment of material and equipment
·         Operate forklifts to move materials from one place to another on job sites
·         Maintain inventory of equipment and tools
·         Create lists of materials, supplies and specialty tools
·         Grind, scrape and polish surfaces and measure and mark distances on the layout of the construction site
·         Assist in installing electrical and plumbing systems
·         Put in floorings and assist with masonry work
·         Tend to generators, pumps and compressors
·         Perform preventative maintenance on all equipment
·         Gather, store and secure tools and equipment at the end of each shift
·         Tidy and secure construction sites

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