Investment Banking Cover Letter

Investment bankers work at financial institutions where their prime duty is to manage financing solutions for businesses and individuals. This position requires a candidate to possess a degree in finance along with a good background in managing customer services. This cover letter sample will provide you with an example of how a person applying for this position should write a cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter for Investment Banking Resume

220 S Highly Street
Gilbert, AZ 66663

January 21, 2013

Mr. Alexander Collins
Manager HR
Gilbert Financials
92 E Beverley Street
Gilbert, AZ 66353

Dear Mr. Collins:

I have been working at the New York Stock Exchange for over six years now and would like to work for a bank now which is why I am offering my services as an Investment Banker at Gilbert Financials. The job description that you have supplied in your advertisement matches closely with my qualifications and I am confident that I can make a good contribution to your organization.

Since I have been working in the financial arena for so long, I am comfortable with all the instruments that this industry offers. I also have profound knowledge of cultivating and expanding relationships with other industry professionals along with managing supervision of financial analysis and complex financial modeling. Since client services is the core of this position, I am familiar with managing financial solutions on an individual basis and providing excellence in client services is the basis of every transaction I made.

I will call you at the end of the week to ask for a convenient time to meet so we can discuss this in detail. Alternately, I will be available at (888) 888-8888 if you need to contact me.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dylan Cameron

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