Administrator Cover Letter Sample

Administrators are found in every office you can think of. The need to manage offices in terms of operations, clerical work and front desk activities is profound to say the least which is why you will find administrators in schools, offices and even in hospitals. If you are looking for a job in this category, the following cover letter sample will help you apply for one.

Sample Cover Letter for Administrator Job

257 Country Road
Snyder, CO 83837

January 30, 2013

Mr. Adam Hope
Manager HR
Carson Care
9003 Hampden Avenue
Snyder, CO 37735

Dear Mr. Hope:

I saw your advertisement for the position of Administrator on your website and offer my services for the same. With a bachelor degree in public administration and three years of hands on experience,  I believe in my ability to work effectively in order to achieve Carson Care's mission. 

Presently, I am working as an Administrator at the Adam’s Apple and would now like to switch jobs in the anticipation of working on a broader grounds. Per your requirements, I have extensive knowledge of preparing annual budgets along with managing most financial and accounting procedures effectively. My supervision acumen ensures that I work well with staff and manage them in a manner befitting the company’s policies and protocols. I also possess the ability to work effectively and diplomatically with a variety of stakeholders including residents and board members. Moreover, I take great pride in my ability to manage both administrative and clerical aspects of the job apart from providing excellent front desk services.

I am very excited to deliver my skills to Carson Care and would welcome a chance to meet with you personally for which I will call your office next week. I may be contacted at (003) 333-3333 for any further information if needed. Thank you for taking out the time to review my application. 


Catherine Sanders

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