Student Assistant Job Description for Resume

Many colleges and universities provide opportunities to their students within the campus so that they can understand what a real life work environment will feel like. Student assistants are hired across many departments within a college or university such as computer laboratories and libraries.

Job Overview:

Student assistants perform a variety of administrative and clerical functions which may include photocopying and filing documents. They may also be required to assist the staff in orienting new students to campus life and managing traffic flow in the campus parking lot.


When applying for the position of a student assistant, you have to make sure that you meet the criteria set out by the management. Since you will be working in a position of great responsibility, you must have excellent communication skills and a professional appearance. You should also be reliable, friendly and outgoing and possess a strong desire to work in a student oriented capacity.

Sample Job Description for Student Assistant Resume

A list of most of the duties that you will be performing in this role is given below:

·         Assist administrative staff in answering telephones and relaying messages
·         Provide support to new students by assisting in orienting them to campus life
·         Provide accurate information to students and staff regarding campus activities and events
·         Develop forms, type letters and assist in developing campus publications
·         Perform clerical duties such as filing, typing, faxing and running staff errands
·         Prepare and place a variety of signs and posters for special projects
·         Assist the administration staff in distributing assignment letters
·         Promote campus events through innovative public relations techniques
·         Direct the flow of traffic in the campus parking lot
·         Greet new students and answer their questions in a bid to make them comfortable around the campus
·         Check students in and out at the beginning and end of each student program
·         Assist students taking tests by providing them with required information and helping them settle into campus life
·         Ensure that student enrollment is completed on time and assist the administration in distributing schedules
·         Assist campus police in issuing parking tickets and dealing with disruptive behavior
·         Organize bulletin boards and relay course information regarding each course program
·         Assist campus library staff in issuing books and following  up on late returns
·         Provide assistance in repairing damaged books
·         Assist students in locating books and periodicals within the library

·         Ensure that library displays are kept tidy, clean and catalogued 

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