Dental Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Why a job application for Dental Receptionist position must always be sent with an eye-catching cover letter on the top? In a resume, you have specified sections to mention your relevant abilities, skills and experiences; If you utilize that space properly you’ll successfully interpret yourself within the resume. But, there is a very important side of your personality that you cannot reflect in a resume, which is your communication skills, way of correspondence and addressing people. For this reason a cover letter for Dental Receptionist Resume is the vital part of your job application.

When you write a cover letter for a Dental Receptionist job application, you must keep a few important points in your mind:
·         Always mention how you came to know about the vacancy
·         Mention how you are a suitable candidate and how can you contribute to the bottom-line of the company
·         Ask for an appointment
·         Be clear about your contact details

The following example will guide you how to write a cover letter for dental receptionist resume.

Dental Receptionist Cover Letter Example

88 Moreland Drive
Renton, WA 87993
July 23, 2012

Ms. Suzan Elvis
Senior Manager,
Smiles Dental
320 Euston Road
Renton, WA 87754

Dear Ms. Elvis:

I am extremely interested in a Dental Receptionist position at Smiles Dental. I believe my qualifications and experience makes me a very suitable candidate for this position. More importantly, I have the passion and drive to make a difference in the customer service traditions of Smiles Dental.

As noted on my resume, I possess a vast experience in; public dealing, keeping a flow of a front desk office, record keeping, schedule meeting, and telephonic correspondence, which makes me worthy for the Dental Receptionist position.

In the seven years of my professional career as a receptionist, I have gained expertise in all aspects of performing secretarial tasks, public dealing and customer coordination such as:
·         Receiving customers and helping them contacting the required personnel
·         Maintaining record of clients
·         Making calls and arranging meetings
·         File keeping
·         Follow-ups
·         Collecting data and making analytical reports using software like MS Visio, Excel and Power Point.

I am eager to build upon my qualifications and past experiences at the Smiles Dental in a capacity of Dental Receptionist that would allow me to put into action my clerical and customer care skills as well as my enthusiasm for the position. I look forward to talk regarding my qualifications with you in greater depth. I can be reached at the phone numbers given on my resume. Thank you for your time.


Samantha Walter

Enc. Resume

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