Barber Cover Letter Sample

While writing a cover letter for barber resume, it is important to state where you learned about the barber position. Do not be shy to mention a name within the company that you may know - this will establish some sort of trust in the employer’s mind and he is sure to look at your barber job application more favorably.

Barber Cover Letter Example                               

3654 Giant Springs Road
Great Falls, MT 33333
July 20, 2012

Ms. Cory Smith
Senior Manager
J&S Cuts and Styles
998 34th Street
Great Falls, MT 55343

Dear Ms. Smith:

I have been looking for a position as a Barber with J&S Cuts and Styles for over a year now and would like to take advantage of the opportunity that you have advertised in GQ Magazine. As an experienced barber with an open enough mind to learn new trends constantly, I believe that I can make a significant contribution to your shop.

I have worked as a barber in three salons over a ten year period and have acquired considerable skills that deem me a professional in this regard. I am familiar with all types of hair styles including buzz cuts, flat top cuts, full shaved bald cuts and other tight haircuts along with performing various salon services like shaving, shampooing and massaging. Since I have had professional barber training from XYL Style Institute in Denver, I am proficient in determining hair and skin problems and devising appropriate treatments. Since this is a customer oriented job, I take pride in my ability to listen to customers while they are on the chair and make it a point not to discriminate between ethnicity and gender.

My resume is attached herein and will provide you with an extensive list of other services that I have had experience providing to customers. Should you need any further information regarding my credentials, I will be available at 888-999-9999. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Arnold P. Remington

Enc. Resume

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