Personal Care Aide Cover Letter Sample

Writing a cover letter for Personal Care Aide Resume or job application often seems a difficult task. But, if you take one thing at a time you will see that it is not only easy to write but fun too. An effective cover letter for Care Aide job will explain the reason for your interest in a particular position and identify your best skills thereby providing an employer with an insight of what you can do.

Look at the following template in order to see a bigger picture.

Personal Care Aide Cover Letter Example

99 Ridge Road                                                       
Dow City, IA 43444

July 26, 2012

Ms. Jean Donald
Hiring Manager
The San
54 Maple Street
Dow City, IA 62555

Dear Ms. Donald:

I am interested in working as a Care Aide with The San as advertised in the Daily Republic. My PCA Certification and compassionate nature combined with my enthusiasm to pursue my career in human services make me the ideal candidate for this position.

I am a compassionate and efficient worker with over nine years of extensive experience in assisting ADLs and making life easy for people who have trouble leading normal lives due to age factor or health issues. I have had some experience in monitoring vital signs and managing medication along with ambulation and personal hygiene assistance. My PCA Certification has enabled me to understand and carry out procedures to control aggressive and disruptive behavior. I am quite well versed with the need to interact with my charge on a physical and mental level as this is therapy in itself. I have also acquired proficiency in performing housekeeping duties like sweeping, mopping spills, disinfecting and making beds.

I would like to be considered for this position as I am confident that my dexterity and hard work is sufficient to be able to do justice to this position and I am available to join immediately. Please call me on my cell at 999-999-9999 if you need additional information from my side. I’ll follow-up on this letter in a few days in the anticipation of securing a meeting with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Alishba Derek

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