Factory Worker Job Description for Resume

The job description for Factory Workers varies and depends on the nature of work/production being carried out. Following is a list of possible job description (responsibilities/duties/qualifications) that a general factory worker might have performed/learned during his/her work experience as a factory worker:

Factory Worker Job Description

• Performed routine equipment setup verifying proper operation of factory machines within acceptable standards

• Assisted stacking operations in all phases of material handling like door and mobile equipment operations

Loaded/Unloaded products into out/inbound (both client and company) vehicles

Participated in nursery product maintenance including production, spacing, pruning, etc.

Efficiently worked in operations of track mobile, screen plants, unload conveyors, radial stacker and skid steer

Operated factory equipment and machinery (heavy/light) according to company instructions and standard defined procedures

Drove, operated and maintained proper functioning of factory vehicles like the scissor-lift trucks

Maintained all Department Of Transportation and vehicle inspection logs/records

Ensured safe and efficient operations of a variety of tasks in the manufacturing of xyz products inspecting quality in all phases

Inspected finished products for defects, off-cuts and foreign material discarding defected products to ensure safety and quality requirements responsibly

Communicated suspected problems or changes in production/ quality to the in-charge person

Sorted out finished products

Completed assigned work efficiently involving repetitive motion and operation of vibrating tools

Occasionally worked overtime and on rotating shifts to meet deadlines and high work load demands

Lifted and carried heavy weight 50 to 100 pounds

Walked and stood on foot continuously for very long periods of time during work

Performed work duties in difficult conditions having exposure to dust, sparks, smoke, oil, loud noise, extreme temperatures (40 to 140 degrees), chemical odor, etc.

Assisted factory grounds-keeping with all site clean-up and maintenance

Participated in every annual departmental job specific training as well as official informational meetings

• Applied skills diligently at work such as:
­            -  Reading and Writing
­            -  Strong mental mathematics and computer literacy
­            -  Strong interpersonal and decision making skills
­            -  Ability to work alone as well as within a teams

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