Free Sample Resume for Security Guard

The basic responsibility of a Security Guard is to maintain security and safety of people and their property in assigned areas along with providing protected environment to all employees and residents. Also, enforcing security and safety policies for individuals within boundaries defined. Therefore, your resume should reflect your capability to perform all these functions in an efficient way.

Security Guard Resume Sample

7784 Liberty Heights, Tulsa, OK 76585
(000) 982 – 12351, email

An enthusiastic individual with strong willingness to take challenges, seeking a position of a Security Guard at the ABC Company ensuring the security of staff and visitors while reducing possible risk of losses.

•    Two years of extensive experience in security and safety
•    Experience with Life Safety Code, and OSHA regulations
•    Dexterous familiarity with all emergency/safety equipment including security cameras, phones and LSS
•    Able to secure all areas of the building assigned, checking for open doors and any unusual activity
•    Vigilant in conducting regularly scheduled rounds in and around the building, actively responding to emergencies

•    IAHSS, CPR with AED, and First Aid
•    Valid state driver’s license

•    Specifically trained in using proper telephone techniques and assisting receptionist during emergencies
•    Punctual in attending all required training, in-service and staff meetings
•    Able to maintain a positive and professional demeanor towards residents, visitors, families and co-workers
•    Astonishingly capable of adhering to all policies/procedures laid by the Supervisors and Officers

•    Pursued and detained persons fleeing a disturbance or attempting to resist detainment and subdued individuals causing disturbance, such as in family disputes at the work site or government quarters
•    Controlled personnel access by monitoring the identification of individuals entering controlled areas; referred persons who lack proper credentials to a control point to arrange access
•    Trained 10 new security guards

West Corporation – New York, NY
Unarmed Security Guard | Jan 2011 — Dec 2012
•    Made periodic inspection tours through buildings, grounds and facilities such as piers, to examine doors, windows, gates, locks, mooring and equipment
•    Watched for prowlers, fires, leaks from water or steam line, etc. which might endanger or result in loss of, or damage to property
•    Punched time clock at prescribed stations and intervals
•    Discouraged loitering, prevented trespass and misuse of equipment or facilities to maintain order
•    Cleaned and swept assigned areas
•    Answered telephones and doorbells while in emergencies, operated elevators
•    Operated heating equipment and performed related work as required

Regis High School – Tremonton, UT
High School Diploma - 2007

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