Home Care Aide Cover Letter Example

Home care aides work with people who may have trouble leading their lives without assistance. They may be expected to assist people with bathing, grooming and personal hygiene along with ensuring that they are fed and properly.

The following cover letter sample provides us with a good example of how a person wanting to work at this position will write one.

Home Care Aide Cover Letter Sample

9137 Estancia Drive
San Jose, CA 66733

February 14, 2013

Ms. Lydia Tyler
Manager HR
ARJ Health Services
6455 Wilshire Boulevard
San Jose, CA 66798

Dear Ms. Tyler:

As a person who has spent a majority of time to look after people who need assistance to live a dignified life, I am quite interested in applying for the position of Home Care Aide at the ARJ Health Services. With my extensive experience, training and CPR certification, I am eager to leverage my capabilities to contribute to the lives of residents as a member of your team.

The time that I have spent in this capacity as a profession has taught me a lot in terms of managing and implementing age and developmentally appropriate programs. Additionally, I have considerable knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on clinical conditions along with ensuring that any changes in patient condition is communicated to the supervisor on an immediate basis. My excellent communication skills assist me in managing the needs of residents.

I would like to meet you in order to discuss this Home Care Aide position in detail for which I will call your office after few days to set an appointment with you. I will be available at (652) 888-8888 if you need to contact me for any other information that you may need from me.


Amanda Cooke

Enc. Resume

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